Breeding The Shugabush A Guide to Creating Musical Harmony

how to breed a shugabush


Breeding a Shugabush, a unique and melodious monster from the popular mobile game My Singing Monsters, is a delightful and rewarding endeavor for fans of the game. The Shugabush is known for its captivating tunes and harmonious melodies. In this article, we’ll explore the steps and strategies needed to successfully breed a Shugabush and add its enchanting music to your monster orchestra. So, let’s dive into the world of My Singing Monsters and create some musical magic!

Understanding the Shugabush 

Before embarking on the breeding process, it’s essential to understand the Shugabush. This monster is a hybrid, which means it can only be created by combining specific elements from two different monsters: the Shugabush and the Clamble. The Shugabush is particularly unique because it can sing on two islands, unlike most other monsters. To create a Shugabush, you’ll need to breed these two creatures successfully.

Acquiring the Shugabush

To begin your journey towards breeding a Shugabush, you must first obtain the essential monsters: the Shugabush and the Clamble. You can purchase these monsters from the Market, breed them yourself using a breeding structure, or even receive them as gifts from friends. Once you have both creatures on your island, you’re ready to proceed.

Leveling Up Your Monsters

The next step is to level up your Shugabush and Clamble monsters. Increasing their levels will enhance your chances of successfully breeding a Shugabush. To level up, feed your monsters, decorate their habitats, and complete various in-game tasks. Higher-level monsters have better breeding odds and produce better-quality offspring, so take your time to nurture them.

Breeding Process

To breed a Shugabush, you’ll need to place your Shugabush and Clamble in the breeding structure. The breeding structure can be found on the Air and Earth Islands. Ensure both monsters are at least at level 4 or higher to maximize your chances of success. Keep in mind that breeding two monsters of the same species will not result in a Shugabush, so make sure you’ve placed the right combination in the breeding structure.

Patience and Persistence 

Breeding a Shugabush can be a test of patience. It may take several attempts before you successfully hatch one. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve it on your first try. Continue to level up your monsters, provide them with excellent care, and keep breeding until you succeed. The thrill of finally obtaining a Shugabush is well worth the effort.

Enjoy the Music 

Once you’ve successfully bred a Shugabush, you’ll be rewarded with its delightful melodies. Place your new Shugabush on your island, and listen to its unique tunes as it harmonizes with other monsters in your orchestra. Experiment with different combinations of monsters to create enchanting musical compositions and make your island a musical masterpiece.


Is Shugabush always Breedable?

This Shugabush breeding doesn’t have a 100% success rate, which means you might have to breed Bowgart and Chamble multiple times to successfully obtain a Shugabush. That said, Wishing Torches can increase breeding chances.

What is the highest chance to breed a Shugabush?

There are certain combinations of monsters that work better than others when trying to breed a Shugabush. Some of the combinations that are most successful include Clamble + Quarrister, Thumpies + Wubbox, and Mammott + Bowgart. Experimenting with different combinations may help you increase your chances of success.


Breeding a Shugabush in My Singing Monsters is a rewarding journey that allows you to add a touch of musical magic to your monster orchestra. By understanding the requirements, leveling up your monsters, and being patient and persistent, you can achieve the joyous moment of hatching your very own Shugabush. So, embrace the challenge, enjoy the harmonious melodies, and continue to explore the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters as you create your own musical paradise. Happy breeding!

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