Crafting The Sky in Little Alchemy 2 A Cosmic Journey

how to make sky in little alchemy 2


Little Alchemy 2 is an engaging and addictive game that challenges players to combine various elements to create new ones. Among the many intriguing combinations, crafting the sky is a fundamental step in unraveling the game’s mysteries. The sky, a symbol of endless possibilities and vastness, can be created by combining several elements. In this article, we will delve into the cosmic journey of making the sky in Little Alchemy 2, step by step, while also exploring the significance of this achievement within the game.

Air and Pressure 

Creating the sky in Little Alchemy 2 begins with the fusion of two primary elements: air and pressure. Air is a basic element that represents the atmosphere surrounding our planet, while pressure signifies the force exerted by this atmosphere. To combine these elements, you need to drag and drop the air icon onto the pressure icon in the game’s interface. This initial step lays the foundation for the celestial masterpiece you’re about to create.


Once you’ve successfully combined air and pressure, you will unveil the element known as atmosphere. The atmosphere is a critical component for crafting the sky, as it represents the layer of gasses that envelop our world. This stage of the process emphasizes the importance of understanding the relationships between various elements in the game. It’s a reminder that nature’s intricate balance is at the core of all creations, even in the digital realm of Little Alchemy 2.

Day and Night

To continue on your celestial journey, you must combine the atmosphere with two essential elements that govern our planet’s daily rhythm: day and night. Day symbolizes the bright, sunlit hours, while night represents the calm and serene darkness of the evening. Merging these elements underscores the dynamic nature of our world and how it transitions between light and darkness, creating the canvas on which the sky unfolds its majestic beauty.


With day and night now in your inventory, the next step is to combine them with the element of time. Time is an abstract concept, yet it plays a crucial role in shaping the sky’s appearance throughout the day and night cycle. In Little Alchemy 2, this fusion is a reminder of how time, in both the real and virtual worlds, dictates the ever-changing scenery of the sky.


The final step in creating the sky involves adding the element of horizon to the mix. The horizon represents the boundary where the sky meets the Earth, giving depth and dimension to the celestial landscape. Combining horizon with the previous elements emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things, just as the sky blends seamlessly into the world below.


How is the sky formed in little alchemy?

The sky element in Little Alchemy is made up of two basic elements—air and energy. Air is a combination of the elements gas and pressure, while energy is a combination of time and fire. To make the sky, you’ll need to combine air with energy.

What is earth in Little Alchemy 2?

Earth is an element that can be found in Little Alchemy. It is one of the starting elements.

How many items are in Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 has one of the most expansive collections of objects, all of which combine and connect to create even more. Finding all 720 elements on your own can be tremendously overwhelming without any help.


In Little Alchemy 2, crafting the sky is a poetic and symbolic journey that mirrors the intricacies of our own natural world. Each step in the process represents an essential aspect of the sky’s creation, from the basic elements of air and pressure to the profound concept of time. This cosmic adventure serves as a reminder of the beauty and complexity of our planet and the universe beyond. As you marvel at the virtual sky you’ve created, take a moment to appreciate the real sky above, for it is a constant source of wonder and inspiration in our lives.

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