Evolving Budew into Roselia – A Comprehensive Guide

how to evolve budew


Budew, a charming Grass and Poison-type Pokémon, is one of the many intriguing species within the Pokémon universe. Known for its unique evolution into Roselia and further into Roserade, Budew’s evolution process is shrouded in mystery for some trainers. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to evolve Budew into its more powerful form, Roselia, by fostering a strong bond with your Pokémon and following specific in-game conditions.

Understanding Budew

Before we delve into the evolution process, let’s get to know Budew a bit better. Budew is a small, adorable Pokémon that resembles a baby bud with a face. It has Grass and Poison typing, which makes it resistant to Water-type and Electric-type moves but vulnerable to Fire-type and Ice-type attacks. Budew boasts a decent Special Attack stat, which is crucial when considering its future evolution into Roselia, a more formidable Pokémon.

Building a Strong Bond

The key to evolving Budew into Roselia is to establish a strong bond with your Pokémon. A strong bond is a crucial component of several Pokémon evolutions, and it often involves ensuring that your Pokémon is happy and trusts you. There are a few steps to foster this relationship

  • Leveling Up Budew evolves when it levels up while having high friendship. Friendship can be developed through various in-game actions, such as walking with Budew, using it in battles, or giving it specific items, like a Soothe Bell.
  • Walking Together Take Budew on a stroll with you in the game. The more steps you take with Budew in your party, the more its friendship will increase. You can use the Amulet Coin to increase the money you earn while walking together.
  • Feeding Berries Another way to increase your Pokémon’s friendship is by giving it berries. Pokémon like Sweet, Sour, and Dry flavored berries will help boost friendship. Poffins can also be made to improve friendship.
  • Avoiding Fainting Keep your Budew from fainting in battles. When a Pokémon faints, its friendship decreases. Healing and nurturing your Budew will maintain a high level of friendship.

Special Evolving Conditions

In addition to building a strong bond, there are specific in-game conditions you must meet to evolve Budew into Roselia

  • Daytime Evolution Budew evolves during the daytime. Make sure your game’s time settings correspond to the in-game daytime. If you’re not sure about the time, you can check in-game by talking to NPCs or using the Vs. Seeker to find trainers.
  • High Friendship Budew must have a high friendship level to evolve. You can gauge your Pokémon’s friendship by speaking with an NPC in the game, typically located in a Pokémon Center. They will give you an indication of your Pokémon’s friendship level.
  • Leveling Up Finally, you must level up your Budew. Budew will evolve when it levels up during the daytime with high friendship, and from there, it will transform into Roselia.

The Power of Roselia

Once Budew evolves into Roselia, it gains several advantages, including increased stats and a broader movepool. Roselia is a dual-type Pokémon (Grass and Poison) and is known for its signature move, “Poison Sting.” This move can poison opponents and deal damage over time. Roselia’s higher Special Attack stat and wider move variety make it a formidable opponent in battles, both in-game and in competitive play.

Roselia’s next evolution, Roserade, can be achieved by using a Shiny Stone. Roserade has even more impressive stats and can be a valuable asset to your team as you progress in your Pokémon journey.


Why is Budew so hard to evolve?

Budew does not evolve due to leveling up, he evolves due to happiness at the next level-up. You can level him all you want, but until you make him happy, he will not evolve. And why trade for his evolution? Roselia can be caught wild all over the game.

What Friendship does Budew need to evolve?

To get Budew to evolve into Roselia, you need its Friendship with you to be at its maximum. An easy way to check is using Poketch App #6, the one where the Pokemon are floating around the screen. Hold the stylus on Budew; if you have two really big, blinking hearts, then it’s ready to evolve–it just needs to level up.


Evolving Budew into Roselia is a rewarding process that requires dedication and a strong bond between you and your Pokémon. By ensuring that Budew has high friendship, is leveled up during the daytime, and meets the required conditions, you can witness the transformation of your cute Budew into a powerful Roselia. As you continue to train and battle with Roselia, you’ll unlock its full potential and discover its capabilities in the world of Pokémon. Remember to cherish the journey and the special bond you share with your Pokémon as you guide them through their evolutionary paths.

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