Evolving Chansey in Pokémon A Comprehensive Guide

how to evolve chansey


In the vast world of Pokémon, evolution is a fundamental concept that allows trainers to strengthen and enhance their beloved companions. Chansey, the kind-hearted and nurturing Pokémon, is no exception. Evolution is the key to unlocking the incredible potential of Chansey, transforming it into Blissey, a formidable defender and healer. In this article, we will delve into the details of how to evolve Chansey and maximise its potential in battles.

Understanding Chansey

Before we dive into the evolution process, it’s essential to understand Chansey’s characteristics. Chansey is a Normal-type Pokémon known for its exceptional HP and Special Defense stats. It is also famous for being a reliable healer in battles, thanks to its access to moves like Soft-Boiled and Wish.

Evolving into Blissey

To evolve Chansey into Blissey, you need to follow these steps

  • Capture or Hatch a Chansey Chansey can be found in various Pokémon games, often in specific locations such as the Safari Zone, routes, or through breeding. In some games, you may also receive a Chansey as a gift from an in-game character.
  • Level Up Chansey The primary method to evolve Chansey into Blissey is by leveling it up. In most Pokémon games, Chansey evolves when it reaches a certain level of friendship and then gains experience points. The exact level varies from game to game, but it typically ranges between level 32 to 45. You can increase Chansey’s friendship by using it in battles, feeding it vitamins, or using certain items like the Soothe Bell to speed up the process.
  • Trade Evolutions In some games, there is an alternate method to evolve Chansey into Blissey. This involves trading Chansey while holding an item called a “Lucky Egg.” Upon completing the trade, Chansey will evolve into Blissey.

Chansey’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Blissey, the evolved form of Chansey, is renowned for its incredible Special Defense and HP stats, making it a premier special wall in battles. Its impressive movepool includes moves like Soft-Boiled, Heal Bell, and Aromatherapy, allowing it to provide valuable support to its team by healing status conditions and restoring HP.

However, Blissey has its fair share of weaknesses, primarily stemming from its low Defence and low Speed stats. Physical attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities, so it’s crucial to pair Blissey with teammates that can cover its weaknesses. Additionally, Blissey is vulnerable to Steel-type Pokémon, which are immune to its Normal-type STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves.

Optimising Blissey for Battles

To maximise Blissey’s potential in battles, consider the following tips

  • Move Set Blissey’s primary role is to act as a special wall and support Pokémon. Essential moves for Blissey include Soft-Boiled for self-healing, Heal Bell or Aromatherapy for curing status conditions, and Seismic Toss or Thunder Wave for utility. You can also opt for moves like Toxic or Flamethrower for added versatility.
  • Item Selection Blissey’s best-held item is typically the Leftovers, which grants it passive HP recovery. Alternatively, the Eviolite can be used on Chansey if you prefer to keep it in its unevolved form, enhancing its already impressive defensive capabilities.
  • Teammate Synergy Blissey excels as a special wall but struggles against physical attackers. Pairing it with Pokémon that can handle physical threats, such as Steel-types or Fighting-types, is essential for a well-rounded team.
  • Nature and EVs A Bold nature, which boosts Defense while lowering Attack, is often recommended for Blissey. Invest EVs (Effort Values) into HP and Special Defense to further enhance its tanking capabilities.
  • Status Moves Blissey can benefit from status moves like Thunder Wave to slow down opponents or Toxic to wear them down over time. Consider your team’s strategy when choosing these moves.


What level does Chansey evolve?

When you capture or trade for a wild Chansey, its Friendship level is set to 70. In order to evolve Chansey, you will need to raise its Friendship level to at least 220 (255 is the max).

What makes Chansey evolve?

Once you have your Chansey, you’ll need to show it a bit of love, as Chansey evolves into Blissey when it’s at a high friendship level — just how it’s always been! There are lots of ways you can do this. Having it in your party is a start, and letting it walk around using Let’s Go will also make it a lot happier.


Evolving Chansey into Blissey is a rewarding journey for Pokémon trainers. Blissey’s incredible Special Defense and HP stats, coupled with its versatile movepool, make it an invaluable asset in battles. Understanding how to evolve Chansey and optimising Blissey’s moves, items, and team synergy will help you unlock its full potential as a special wall and support Pokémon. So, embark on your adventure, level up your Chansey with care, and watch as it transforms into the powerful and nurturing Blissey.

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