Evolving Sneasel Unleash the Power of Weavile

how to evolve sneasel


Sneasel, a dark and ice-type Pokémon, has long captivated trainers with its sleek design and formidable abilities. But to unlock its true potential, one must guide it through the evolution process. In this article, we’ll explore how to evolve Sneasel into Weavile, a faster, deadlier, and more versatile Pokémon. Follow our guide to empower your Sneasel and become a true Pokémon master.

Understanding Sneasel 

Sneasel is known for its agility and sharp claws, making it a fierce opponent in battles. As a dark and ice-type Pokémon, it has several weaknesses, including fighting, bug, rock, steel, fire, and fairy-type moves. To overcome these limitations, evolving Sneasel into Weavile is a wise choice. Weavile retains its dark and ice typing but gains higher stats and a wider move pool, making it a force to be reckoned with in battles.

Evolving Sneasel into Weavile 

To evolve Sneasel into Weavile, you’ll need to follow a specific process

  • Levelling Up at Night The most crucial requirement for evolving Sneasel is to level it up at night. Weavile, being a nocturnal Pokémon, undergoes its evolution under the cover of darkness. Ensure your Sneasel gains enough experience points to level up when the in-game clock registers nighttime.
  • Friendship and Trust Besides the time of day, Sneasel’s friendship and trust in its trainer play a significant role in its evolution. Interact with your Sneasel regularly by battling together, using it in contests, and giving it vitamins or grooming items. The more your Sneasel trusts you, the faster it will evolve.
  • Razor Claw: Optional In some Pokémon games, holding a Razor Claw while levelling up Sneasel at night can increase the chances of evolving into Weavile. Check the specific game’s requirements and item availability to see if this step is necessary.

Weavile’s Advantages 

Evolving your Sneasel into Weavile comes with a host of advantages. Weavile boasts higher base stats, particularly in Speed and Attack, making it an exceptional physical attacker. Its ability, Pressure, puts additional strain on the opponent’s PP, further limiting their moves. Weavile’s typing also offers useful resistances, including immunity to psychic-type moves and a resistance to ghost-type moves.

Moreover, Weavile’s move pool includes a wide array of physical attacks like Ice Punch, Night Slash, and Brick Break. This diversity allows you to customise its moveset to suit your battle strategy, whether you want to focus on STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves or cover its weaknesses with coverage moves.

Weavile’s speed and access to priority moves like Ice Shard make it an excellent choice for both offensive and defensive playstyles. Its versatility in single and double battles makes it a formidable addition to your team.

Strategies and Roles 

Weavile excels in several roles, depending on your team composition and strategy

  • Physical Sweeper Weavile’s high Attack and Speed make it a potent physical sweeper. Use it to hit hard and fast, taking down opponents before they can react.
  • Revenge Killer Its priority move, Ice Shard, can pick off weakened opponents, making Weavile an efficient revenge killer.
  • Supportive Weavile can also play a supportive role by using moves like Fake Out to disrupt the opponent’s strategy or by setting up screens with moves like Light Screen and Reflect.


How do you get a Razor Claw?

How to Get a Razor Claw. Razor Claw will become available to purchase in Delibird Presents once you’ve earned four Gym Badges. Delibird Presents in Mesa Goza is the only place that sells Razor Claw to you.

Who needs Razor Claw to evolve?

The only purpose of the Razor Claw in the entire Pokémon series is exclusively to help Sneasel evolve. No other Pokémon use the Razor Claw in Arceus.


Evolving Sneasel into Weavile is a rewarding experience for any Pokémon trainer. With the right care and strategy, you can harness the full potential of this dark and ice-type Pokémon, turning it into a formidable force on your team. Don’t miss the opportunity to evolve your Sneasel and unlock the power of Weavile in your Pokémon adventures!

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