How to Access Library Resources at Gitam University? A Comprehensive Guide

How to Access Library Resources at Gitam University


Accessing library resources is essential for academic success and research at Gitam University. The university’s library provides a vast collection of books, journals, e-resources, and other materials to support students, faculty, and researchers. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of accessing library resources at Gitam University, ensuring that you can make the most of the library’s offerings.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Library System Start by familiarizing yourself with the library system at Gitam University. Explore the library’s website or visit the physical library to learn about the available resources, facilities, and services. Take note of the library’s operating hours, borrowing policies, and any specific guidelines or procedures.
  • Obtain a Library Membership To access the library resources, you will typically need a library membership. Contact the library’s circulation desk or the membership section to obtain your library membership card. You may be required to provide certain documents or complete a registration form.
  • Learn the Catalog and Search Tools Gitam University’s library likely utilizes an online catalog or search tools to help you find the materials you need. Take the time to understand how to use the catalog or search tools effectively. Learn how to search for books, journals, articles, and other resources based on keywords, authors, or subject areas.
  • Access E-Resources and Online Databases Gitam University’s library provides access to a wide range of e-resources and online databases. These resources include scholarly articles, e-books, research papers, and more. Visit the library’s website or use the provided login credentials to access these resources remotely from anywhere.
  • Explore the Physical Collection Visit the physical library to explore the collection of books, reference materials, periodicals, and other resources. Take advantage of the library’s seating areas, study spaces, and designated areas for group work or quiet study. Make note of any borrowing policies, loan periods, or restrictions applicable to physical materials.
  • Seek Assistance from Library Staff If you need help navigating the library’s resources or have specific research inquiries, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the library staff. They can guide you in finding relevant materials, using research databases, or accessing specialized resources. Approach the reference desk or reach out to librarians for personalized support.
  • Attend Library Workshops or Training Sessions Gitam University’s library may offer workshops or training sessions to enhance your research and information literacy skills. Attend these sessions to learn about effective search strategies, citation management tools, and other valuable research techniques. Stay updated on the library’s events and announcements for workshop schedules.
  • Return Borrowed Materials Promptly If you borrow physical materials from the library, ensure that you return them on time. Adhere to the library’s due dates and renewals policies to avoid late fees or penalties. Responsible borrowing ensures that the resources remain available for other library users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access library resources from off-campus?

Yes, Gitam University’s library provides remote access to e-resources and online databases. You can log in using your library credentials from off-campus to access these resources.

How can I renew the borrowed materials?

To renew borrowed materials, check the library’s website for the renewal process. You may be able to renew online through your library account or by contacting the circulation desk.

Can I request materials that are not available in the library’s collection?

Gitam University’s library may offer an interlibrary loan service for requesting materials not available in their collection. Inquire with the library staff for more information on interlibrary loan procedures.

Are there restrictions on borrowing certain materials? 

Yes, Gitam University’s library may have restrictions on borrowing certain materials, such as reference books, rare books, or periodicals. Check the library’s borrowing policies for specific details on restricted materials.

How can I access past exam papers or previous research works?

Gitam University’s library may have past exam papers or previous research works available for reference. Inquire with the library staff or search the library catalog or online databases for these resources.


Accessing library resources at Gitam University is crucial for academic success and research endeavors. By following the step-by-step guide provided above, you can easily navigate the library system, access a wide range of resources, and maximize the benefits of the library facilities. Remember to obtain a library membership, explore both physical and online collections, seek assistance from library staff, and return borrowed materials promptly. Utilizing the library’s resources will enrich your learning experience at Gitam University.

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