How to Block a YouTube Channel – Taking Control of Your Viewing Experience

how to block a youtube channel


YouTube is a vast platform with billions of videos and millions of creators. While it offers a diverse range of content, not all of it may align with your interests or values. To maintain a more tailored and enjoyable viewing experience, YouTube provides users with the option to block specific channels. In this article, we will guide you through the process of blocking a YouTube channel, helping you take control of the content you see on your feed.

Why Block a YouTube Channel?

Before diving into the “how,” it’s essential to understand the “why.” There are several valid reasons for wanting to block a YouTube channel

  • Inappropriate Content Some channels may produce content that is offensive, graphic, or not suitable for your age group.
  • Irrelevant Content You might come across channels that consistently upload videos unrelated to your interests.
  • Annoying Creators Certain creators may spam your recommendations, making it difficult to discover new content.
  • Privacy Concerns To protect your privacy, you may wish to prevent specific channels from tracking your viewing habits.

Sign In to Your YouTube Account 

To block a YouTube channel, you must be signed in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create an account.

Locate the Channel You Want to Block 

To block a channel, you need to find it first. You can do this by

a) Typing the channel’s name in the YouTube search bar.

b) Clicking on a video from the channel in your recommendations or subscription feed.

c) Visit the channel’s page directly if you know its URL.

Access the Channel Options

Once you’re on the channel’s page, look for the “Subscribe” or “Subscribed” button.

Block the Channel

Click on the “Subscribe” or “Subscribe” button. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Block user.” You’ll be prompted to confirm your decision.

Confirm the Block

After clicking “Block user,” a confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm that you want to block the channel. Once you do this, the channel will be blocked.

Effects of Blocking a YouTube Channel 

Blocking a YouTube channel has a few notable effects

a) You won’t see any content from the blocked channel in your recommendations or search results.

b) The blocked channel won’t be able to comment on your videos or interact with you on YouTube.

c) You’ll no longer be subscribed to the blocked channel.

Unblock a Channel 

If you ever change your mind or accidentally block a channel, you can unblock it easily. To unblock a channel

a) Go to your YouTube settings by clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Settings.”

b) Under the “Privacy & location” section, find the “Blocked accounts” tab.

c) Locate the blocked channel and click “Unblock.”

Report Inappropriate Content 

If you encounter a channel that violates YouTube’s community guidelines, consider reporting it in addition to blocking it. To report a channel or video, click the three dots (…) next to the video and select “Report.”

Use YouTube’s Restricted Mode 

To further control the content you see, you can enable Restricted Mode. This mode filters out potentially mature content and can be customized to your preferences. To activate Restricted Mode, scroll down to the bottom of any YouTube page, click on “Restricted Mode: Off,” and follow the prompts.


Can you block another YouTube channel?

You can quickly block any channel on YouTube and let them out of your life forever.

 Step 1 – Open a new tab and visit 

Step 2 – Scroll to find the video from the channel you wish to block.

 Step 3 – Hit the three dots icon aside from the video title.

How can I block YouTube forever?

After, open the Youtube homepage and select your profile icon and select Restricted Mode. The slider will be blue when Restricted Mode is on. Click the slider again, it will turn gray, this means Restricted Mode is off. Select Lock Restricted Mode on this browser to permanently restrict Youtube on your computer.


Blocking a YouTube channel is a simple yet effective way to curate your viewing experience on the platform. Whether you’re looking to avoid irrelevant content, maintain your privacy, or protect yourself from offensive material, YouTube’s blocking feature puts you in control. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your time spent on YouTube is more enjoyable and tailored to your preferences.

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