Breeding Shugabush A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Magical Creatures

how to breed shugabush


Shugabushes, those whimsical and melodious creatures found in the world of My Singing Monsters, have captured the hearts of players with their enchanting tunes and charming appearance. Breeding these mystical beings requires a combination of strategy, patience, and a touch of creativity. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Shugabush breeding and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to successfully bring these delightful creatures into your Monster islands.

Understanding the Shugabush

Before delving into breeding strategies, it’s crucial to understand the Shugabush itself. Shugabush is a “Secret” monster, known for its ethereal and harmonious melodies. It possesses a unique set of features, including a peculiar appearance that combines both plant and musical elements. To breed a Shugabush, you’ll need to be familiar with its specific breeding requirements and have the necessary monsters at your disposal.

Breedable Monsters

To start your Shugabush breeding journey, you’ll need to have the following breedable monsters


   Shugabush is an essential ingredient in breeding more Shugabushes. You’ll need at least one to kickstart the process.


   Tweedles are a basic monster type and serve as the base element for the Shugabush breeding combination.


Potbellies also play a crucial role in the breeding of Shugabushes, offering their unique traits to the mix.

Breeding Structure

Creating a suitable breeding environment for Shugabushes is paramount. Consider the following steps

  • Upgrade your Breeding Structure Make sure your Breeding Structure is upgraded to the highest possible level to increase your chances of successfully breeding a Shugabush.
  • Place Shugabush near Tweedle and Potbelly Position your Shugabush close to Tweedle and Potbelly monsters in your island to encourage their interactions.

Breeding Strategies

The key to breeding Shugabushes is to experiment with different combinations of monsters until you achieve the desired result. Here are some strategies to consider

Shugabush + Tweedle

   This is the most basic breeding combination to produce a Shugabush. Place a Shugabush near Tweedle in your breeding structure and wait for the magic to happen.

Shugabush + Potbelly

Mixing Shugabush with a Potbelly can also yield a Shugabush. Make sure the two monsters are in close proximity within the breeding structure.

Tweedle + Potbelly

Sometimes, breeding a Shugabush may require a bit of indirect influence. Try breeding Tweedle and Potbelly together to increase the chances of getting a Shugabush from their offspring.

Experiment with Rare Variations

 Some Shugabushes have rare variations that can be bred using specific combinations. Experiment with different combinations to discover these unique variations.

Patience is Key

Breeding Shugabushes can be a time-consuming process. Even with the right monsters and breeding structure, success is not guaranteed on the first try. Be patient, and keep experimenting with different combinations until you get the Shugabush you desire. Remember, the sense of accomplishment is part of the fun!

Nurturing Your Shugabush

Once you’ve successfully bred a Shugabush, it’s important to take good care of it to maximize its potential. Here are some tips for nurturing your Shugabush

  • Place it in an Ideal Environment Shugabushes thrive in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Avoid placing them near noisy or disruptive monsters.
  • Feed and Level Up Regularly feed your Shugabush to increase its level. Higher-level Shugabushes produce more coins and offer better bonuses.
  • Decorate the Island Consider decorating your island with items that complement the Shugabush’s musical and plant-like aesthetic. This not only enhances its habitat but also boosts its happiness.


Is Shugabush always Breedable?

This Shugabush breeding doesn’t have a 100% success rate, which means you might have to breed Bowgart and Chamble multiple times to successfully obtain a Shugabush. That said, Wishing Torches can increase breeding chances.

Is Shugabush 100% chance?

On Plant Island, the Shugabush can be obtained by breeding Bowgart and Clamble. Note that it’s not a 100% success rate, so multiple breeding attempts may be required. The chances can also be improved with Wishing Torches. The breeding combination on Plant Island was initially shared by Kristian Bush on his website.

What monster takes 12 hours to breed?

Entbrat + T-Rox can result in a T-Rox, which takes 8 hours, while Entbrat + Pummel, Bowgart, or Clamble all can result in a triple-elemental that takes 12 hours.


Breeding Shugabush in My Singing Monsters is a delightful and rewarding endeavor. With the right combination of monsters, patience, and creativity, you can create your own choir of harmonious Shugabushes. Remember to enjoy the journey and embrace the enchanting melodies that these magical creatures bring to your Monster islands. Happy breeding!

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