How to Cake It – A Sweet Journey to Baking Bliss

how to cake it


Baking is a delightful art that not only tantalises the taste buds but also sparks creativity and joy. Among the various confections that have taken the baking world by storm, cakes stand tall as the epitome of celebration and indulgence. One platform that has redefined the art of cake baking and decorating is ‘How to Cake It.’ This online sensation, founded by the talented Yolanda Gampp, has become a haven for aspiring bakers and cake enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of knowledge, techniques, and inspiration. In this article, we will explore the magic of ‘How to Cake It’ and learn how to embark on a delicious journey of cake creation.

The Genesis of ‘How to Cake It’

‘How to Cake It’ was born out of Yolanda Gampp’s passion for baking and her desire to share her expertise with the world. Yolanda, a former graphic designer turned cake artist, started her YouTube channel in 2015. Her approach was refreshing: she combined her artistic skills with a penchant for humour, creating an engaging and educational baking channel. Yolanda quickly gained a dedicated following, who eagerly awaited her weekly cake tutorials.

Building Blocks of Success 

Yolanda’s success can be attributed to several key factors. First and foremost, her genuine passion for baking shines through in every video. Her infectious enthusiasm motivates viewers to pick up their spatulas and give cake decorating a try. Second, Yolanda is an excellent teacher. She breaks down complex cake designs into manageable steps, making them accessible even to beginners. Lastly, Yolanda’s unique style and sense of humour add a fun and relatable element to her tutorials, making them enjoyable to watch.

Tutorials for Every Skill Level

‘How to Cake It’ offers a wide range of tutorials, catering to bakers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice looking to create your first masterpiece or an experienced baker seeking to hone your skills, Yolanda’s channel has something for you. From basic cake recipes and techniques to intricate designs that rival professional bakery creations, Yolanda covers it all. Her step-by-step instructions, complemented by clear visuals, make it easy for anyone to follow along and achieve impressive results.

Tools of the Trade 

In addition to her tutorials, Yolanda educates her audience about the essential tools and equipment required for cake decorating. She recommends quality products and explains their usage, ensuring that viewers have the right gear to embark on their cake-making adventures. This guidance is invaluable for beginners who might otherwise feel overwhelmed by the myriad of cake decorating tools available in the market.

Inspiration Galore

‘How to Cake It’ not only teaches baking skills but also inspires creativity. Yolanda showcases a wide array of cake designs, from classic to contemporary, from elegant to whimsical. Her videos often revolve around popular themes and trends, ensuring that viewers stay up-to-date with the latest cake decorating ideas. Additionally, she encourages her audience to personalise their cakes, making each creation a unique expression of their creativity and imagination.

Community and Engagement

One of the most remarkable aspects of ‘How to Cake It’ is the sense of community it fosters. Yolanda engages with her audience through social media, contests, and live events. She encourages viewers to share their cake creations, creating a supportive online community of cake enthusiasts. This sense of belonging and shared passion motivates many to continue their baking journey and take their skills to the next level.


Did Yolanda Gampp attend culinary school?

She attended George Brown’s Culinary Arts Program, a culinary school in Toronto, but soon discovered she preferred baking. By 2005, she had a large enough clientele base to quit her job at a local bakery and focus on growing her own business.

Where does Yolanda Gampp live now?

Inspired by her father, who worked as a baker, Yolanda graduated from chef’s school and discovered that her true passion was working with sweets. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband (Mr. Cake) and young son.


In a world where baking has evolved into an art form, ‘How to Cake It’ stands as a beacon of inspiration and education. Yolanda Gampp’s dedication to sharing her passion for cake baking and decorating has empowered countless individuals to explore their creative potential. As we delve into the delightful world of cakes, ‘How to Cake It’ remains an invaluable resource, guiding us towards sweet success in the kitchen.

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