Managing Your Memories How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

how to delete duplicate photos on iphone

In today’s digital age, our iPhones serve as a repository for countless memories captured in the form of photos and videos. While the convenience of smartphones has made it easier than ever to document our lives, it has also led to a common problem – duplicate photos cluttering our device’s storage. These duplicates not only consume valuable space but can also make it challenging to organize your photo library effectively. Fortunately, managing and deleting duplicate photos on your iPhone is a straightforward process. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to regain storage space and keep your photo collection organized.

Identify the Duplicates

Before you start deleting photos, it’s essential to identify the duplicates. While you can manually scroll through your entire photo library, this can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have thousands of pictures. Instead, use apps specifically designed to find and remove duplicate photos. Some popular choices include “Duplicate Photos Fixer” and “Remo Duplicate Photos Remover.” Download one of these apps from the App Store, grant necessary permissions, and let it scan your photo library.

Review and Confirm

Once the app has scanned your photo library, it will present a list of duplicate photos it has detected. Review these duplicates carefully to ensure that you don’t delete any valuable images accidentally. These apps usually display duplicate photos side by side, making it easier to compare and decide which version to keep. Select the duplicates you want to delete, and then proceed to remove them. Some apps also provide an option to automatically select the best version of the duplicate based on criteria like resolution or date taken.

Use the ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder

After deleting duplicate photos, they are moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder in your Photos app. This folder acts as a safety net, allowing you to recover photos within 30 days in case you delete something by mistake. However, if you are sure you won’t need these duplicates again, you can expedite the removal process by emptying the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. To do this, go to the ‘Albums’ tab in the Photos app, scroll down to ‘Recently Deleted,’ and tap ‘Select.’ Then, tap ‘Delete All’ to permanently remove these photos from your device.

Prevent Future Duplicates

To keep your iPhone’s photo library clutter-free, consider adopting some practices to prevent duplicate photos in the future

  • Use iCloud Photos Enable iCloud Photos to store your photos and videos in the cloud. This will help you manage your storage efficiently and prevent duplicates when restoring your iPhone or setting up a new one.
  • Organize Your Albums Create and maintain well-organized albums to categorize your photos. This can help you identify and manage duplicates more effectively.
  • Disable Burst Mode If you often accidentally take burst photos, disable this feature in your iPhone’s settings to avoid creating multiple duplicates when taking pictures.
  • Use the ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ Option In your iPhone settings under ‘Photos,’ enable the ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ option. This setting will automatically replace full-resolution photos with smaller, device-optimized versions to save space.

Backup Your Photos

Before performing any actions that involve deleting photos, it’s crucial to back up your entire photo library. You can use iCloud, Google Photos, or other cloud storage services to ensure your precious memories are safe and accessible even if you lose your iPhone or accidentally delete photos.

Regular Maintenance

To maintain a clutter-free photo library, make it a habit to periodically review and delete unwanted photos. You can go through your ‘Recently Deleted’ folder once a month to ensure that duplicates and unnecessary photos are permanently removed.


Can you delete duplicate pictures on an iPhone?

Tap the icon labeled “Albums” at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down to the section titled “Utilities,” then select “Duplicates.” Choose “Select” in the top right corner. Tap “Select All” to merge all the duplicate photos your iPhone detects and delete them at the same time.

Why can’t I delete duplicate photos on my iPhone?

The main reason: those duplicate photos were synced from iTunes. iTunes can help us sync photos from computer to iPhone, but these photos cannot be deleted directly on iPhone. Generally speaking, we can connect iPhone to computer and then use iTunes sync to delete photos


Managing duplicate photos on your iPhone is essential to keep your device’s storage space in check and maintain an organized photo library. Utilizing specialized apps to identify duplicates, carefully reviewing them, and using the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder for added safety are key steps in the process. Furthermore, adopting preventative measures and regularly backing up your photos will help you avoid the hassle of dealing with duplicates in the first place. With these steps, you can declutter your iPhone’s photo library and ensure that your cherished memories are easily accessible whenever you need them.

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