Mastering The Art of Prison Break in BitLife

how to escape prison in bitlife


In the virtual world of BitLife, players often find themselves in a variety of situations and scenarios, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. One such scenario is landing in prison, which can be quite daunting for your in-game character. However, with a bit of strategy, patience, and some good old-fashioned creativity, you can successfully engineer a prison break and regain your freedom. In this 700-word guide, we’ll explore the steps and tactics to master the art of escaping prison in BitLife.

Choose the Right Character

The first step in your journey to escape prison begins at character creation. While you can attempt a prison break with any character, some life choices and traits may make it easier. Start with a character who has high intelligence, athleticism, and looks, as these attributes can play a crucial role in your escape plan. Additionally, having a good relationship with family members can help them assist you from the outside.

Behave in Prison

Once you find yourself behind bars, it’s crucial to maintain a low profile and follow prison rules. Engaging in fights, causing trouble, or violating prison rules can lead to harsher sentences or restrictions, making it harder to escape. Instead, focus on improving your character’s attributes and building relationships with fellow inmates.

Improve Attributes

While serving your sentence, allocate your time wisely by working on improving your character’s intelligence, athleticism, and looks. These attributes can be essential in executing your escape plan successfully. Engage in activities like reading books, working out, and visiting the library or gym regularly.

Build Relationships

Developing positive relationships with fellow inmates can be a game-changer in your escape strategy. Befriending inmates who have special skills or connections on the inside can provide valuable assistance. Moreover, maintaining contact with loved ones outside the prison can help them gather information or resources to aid your escape.

Join Gangs or Clubs

In BitLife, inmates have the option to join gangs or prison clubs. These affiliations can provide you with protection, support, and access to resources that can prove invaluable during your escape. Be cautious when choosing your alliances, as not all groups will have your best interests at heart.

Monitor Your Security Level

Pay attention to your character’s security level within the prison. A higher security level implies stricter surveillance and greater difficulty in executing an escape plan. Consider improving your behaviour and reputation in prison to reduce your security level, which will make your escape attempt more manageable.

Plan Your Escape

To escape prison successfully, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan. Start by gathering essential tools, such as a makeshift weapon, disguise, or keys. You can often acquire these items through interactions with fellow inmates or by joining certain prison clubs. Once you have the necessary tools, choose the right moment to make your move.

Execute the Escape

When the time is right, attempt your escape by using the tools you’ve collected. Keep in mind that the success of your escape depends on your character’s attributes, relationships, and the quality of your escape plan. Be prepared for the possibility of failure and its consequences, which could include extended prison time or even death.

Evade Capture

Escaping prison is just the first step; evading capture is equally important. After breaking free, lay low, change your appearance, and avoid any suspicious activities that could draw attention. Maintain contact with your outside contacts for assistance and support during this critical phase.

Rebuild Your Life

Once you successfully escape and evade capture, it’s time to rebuild your life in BitLife. Start anew with your freedom and make choices that lead to a better life outside of prison. Your actions and decisions will determine your character’s future, so make the most of this second chance.


Is it possible to escape from prison in BitLife?

Escaping prison can be simple or difficult, depending on the level of security. Regular jail escapes are pretty easy, while supermax prisons require a lot of forethought and planning to avoid capture.

What does bribing prison guards do in Bitlife?

Bribe the guards with a sum of money for a certain amount of years of protection. Guards can protect your character from assault. They can agree to take the bribe, decline, or sentence you more years for bribery.


Escaping prison in BitLife is a challenging but thrilling adventure that requires strategic planning, patience, and a bit of luck. By selecting the right character traits, behaving in prison, improving attributes, building relationships, and executing a well-thought-out escape plan, you can successfully regain your freedom. Remember that the path to freedom may be fraught with challenges, but with determination and clever gameplay, you can achieve the ultimate goal: escaping prison in BitLife.

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