Mastering The Evolution of Inkay A Comprehensive Guide

how to evolve inkay


In the world of Pokémon, evolution is a fascinating and essential aspect of a Pokémon’s growth. Inkay, a Dark/Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI, evolves into Malamar, and mastering this evolution can significantly enhance your team’s batting prowess. However, Inkay’s evolution isn’t as straightforward as many other Pokémon, as it relies on a unique mechanic that involves the position of your Nintendo Switch or 3DS device. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of evolving Inkay, ensuring you can harness the power of Malamar effectively.

Understanding Inkay’s Evolution Mechanism

Inkay’s evolution mechanic is unlike any other Pokémon’s. To evolve Inkay into Malamar, you need to flip your gaming device upside down while it levels up. This mechanic symbolizes In Kay’s unique physiology, where its evolution is triggered by gravity. When you flip your device upside down, Inkay’s in-game sprite flips as well, and upon leveling up, it evolves into Malamar.

Steps to Evolve Inkay into Malamar

  • Capture an Inkay To begin your journey towards evolving Inkay, you need to capture one. You can find Inkay in various Pokémon games, including Pokémon X and Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Inkay can be encountered in caves, waters, or by fishing, depending on the game you’re playing.
  • Level Up Inkay Inkay evolves into Malamar at level 30. You can level up your Inkay by engaging in battles, using Rare Candies, or utilizing the Exp. Candy system introduced in recent games. Make sure to keep an eye on Inkay’s level and ensure it reaches level 30 before proceeding.
  • Activate the Evolution Mechanic The most crucial step is to trigger Inkay’s evolution mechanic. To do this, ensure your Nintendo Switch or 3DS is in handheld mode. When Inkay is about to level up, you’ll need to physically flip your device upside down. This action should be timed precisely as the level-up animation occurs. If done correctly, Inkay will evolve into Malamar as a result of the inverted gravity.

Tips for Successfully Evolving Inkay

  • Practice Makes Perfect The key to evolving Inkay consistently is practice. It might take a few tries to get the timing right, but don’t be discouraged. Keep trying, and you’ll master the technique.
  • Use a Stable Surface For better control, place your device on a flat, stable surface rather than holding it in your hands. This can help you achieve a more accurate flip when the moment comes.
  • Leveling Up Moves Be mindful of Inkay’s moveset. Some moves might be worth keeping until it evolves into Malamar. Malamar has a different movepool than Inkay, and some moves might not be accessible post-evolution.
  • Save Before Evolving If you’re worried about missing the evolution or want to ensure a specific move, save your game just before Inkay levels up. This way, you can reset and try again if you don’t achieve the desired evolution.

The Power of Malamar

Once you successfully evolve Inkay into Malamar, you’ll be rewarded with a powerful Pokémon with an intriguing combination of Dark and Psychic types. Malamar boasts excellent defensive capabilities and a unique ability called Contrary, which reverses stat changes, making it a potent force in battles. Here are some of Malamar’s noteworthy moves and abilities

  • Superpower Malamar’s signature move, Superpower, becomes a fearsome weapon with the Contrary ability, allowing it to boost its Attack and Defense stats instead of lowering them.
  • Topsy-Turvy Another Contrary-powered move, Topsy-Turvy, reverses all stat changes on the target Pokémon, potentially disrupting your opponent’s strategy.
  • Access to Strong Psychic Moves Malamar can learn powerful Psychic-type moves like Psychic and Psycho Cut, giving it both STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and coverage against Fighting-type Pokémon, which are typically strong against Dark types.


Can Inkay evolve at any level?

Inkay is another pocket monster with a unique evolution requirement. According to Bulbapedia, in games like Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Inkay evolves into Malamar once it reaches Level 30 and is leveled up while the player holds their system (in this case, their Switch) upside down.

When should I evolve Inkay?

He will evolve at level 30 or any level after that. Next I suggest you turn off autosave in settings, and make sure the gyroscope is turned on. Now, find a wild Pokemon that Inkay can easily 1 or 2-shot and will gain enough exp from to level up.


Evolving Inkay into Malamar may require a unique and somewhat unconventional approach, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Malamar’s Contrary ability and versatile movepool make it a formidable addition to any Pokémon team. Remember to practice the evolution technique, save your game when necessary, and explore Malamar’s potential in battles. With patience and determination, you can master the art of evolving Inkay and unlock the full potential of this intriguing Pokémon. So, flip your device, level up your Inkay, and let Malamar’s dark and psychic powers shine on your journey to become a Pokémon Master.

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