Evolving Qwilfish – A Comprehensive Guide to Mastery

how to evolve qwilfish


Qwilfish, the Water/Poison-type Pokémon, is a unique and fascinating addition to any team. Known for its defensive capabilities and versatility, evolving Qwilfish can greatly enhance its potential in battles. This guide will provide you with essential insights on evolving and maximizing the strength of your Qwilfish, ensuring it becomes a formidable force in the Pokémon world.

Understanding Qwilfish

Before diving into the evolution process, it’s crucial to understand the basics of Qwilfish. This blue, balloon-like Pokémon has a base form and an evolved form, which makes it more powerful. Qwilfish evolves from the pre-evolution Pokémon, Tentacool, when it reaches level 25. Evolving Qwilfish requires patience and dedication, but the results are worth the effort.

The Evolution Process

Catching a Tentacool

   The journey begins by capturing a Tentacool in the wild. These Water/Poison-type Pokémon are commonly found in water-based locations, such as rivers, lakes, or near the ocean. When you have a Tentacool, you’re one step closer to evolving it into a Qwilfish.

Leveling Up

   To evolve Tentacool into Qwilfish, you need to level it up to level 25. This can be accomplished by participating in battles, using experience points (XP), or using items like Rare Candies. As Tentacool gains experience, it will eventually reach the required level for evolution.

Evolution into Qwilfish

   Once your Tentacool reaches level 25, it will evolve into Qwilfish. Evolution occurs automatically, and there’s no special item required to trigger the transformation.

Maximizing Qwilfish’s Potential

Now that you have a Qwilfish in your team, it’s time to unlock its full potential. Qwilfish is renowned for its defensive capabilities, which can be augmented through various strategies and movesets.

Moveset Customization

   Qwilfish has access to a wide range of moves, including Water-type, Poison-type, and various support moves. For an effective moveset, consider a combination of moves like Waterfall, Toxic, Destiny Bond, and Spikes. Waterfall serves as a strong STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move, while Toxic can inflict poison on opponents, wearing them down over time. Destiny Bond can be used strategically to take down opponents with your Qwilfish if it’s on the brink of fainting. Spikes is an entry hazard move that damages opponents switching in, further adding to your team’s defensive strategy.


   Qwilfish’s primary ability is Intimidate, which lowers the Attack stat of opposing Pokémon when it enters the battle. This can be a valuable tool for deterring physical attackers and increasing Qwilfish’s survivability. Alternatively, Qwilfish’s hidden ability, Unnerve, prevents opposing Pokémon from using their held berries, disrupting their healing strategies. Choose the ability that best suits your team’s needs.

Item Selection

   Qwilfish’s item choice can make a significant difference in its performance. Black Sludge is a popular option, as it gradually restores Qwilfish’s HP during battles. Alternatively, Rocky Helmet can be used to damage opponents that make contact with Qwilfish, further enhancing its defensive capabilities.

Team Synergy

   To maximize Qwilfish’s effectiveness, it’s important to consider team synergy. Qwilfish works well with Pokémon that can handle its weaknesses, primarily Electric and Ground-types. Pokémon like Gastrodon and Rotom can cover these vulnerabilities, creating a well-rounded team.


How do you evolve scyther into Kleavor?

Black Augerite is the item required for Sycther’s evolution into Kleaver. It can be found after defeating some Rock-type Pokemon like Graveler. Graveler are found in all conditions across all areas of Hisui. Black Augurite can also be found by digging for treasure while riding Ursalina — most commonly near cliff sides.

How do you evolve Qwilfish into Overqwil in Pokemon go?

Once the Pokemon has been acquired, trainers need to make the Pokemon their buddy and win 10 raids. From there, it requires 50 candies to evolve in Pokemon GO.


Evolving Qwilfish from Tentacool is a rewarding process that can lead to a versatile and resilient addition to your Pokémon team. With the right moves, ability, and item choices, Qwilfish can shine as a defensive powerhouse, providing support and sustainability in battles. Remember to consider team synergy to make the most of Qwilfish’s strengths while mitigating its weaknesses. By following this guide, you can evolve and master your Qwilfish, making it an invaluable asset in your Pokémon journey. So, go out, catch a Tentacool, and embark on the path to unleashing the full potential of Qwilfish!

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