Mastering Minecraft – A Guide to Obtaining Flint

how to get flint in minecraft

Minecraft, the wildly popular sandbox game, is all about exploration, creativity, and survival. One of the essential resources for survival is flint, a versatile material used for various purposes. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned miner, understanding how to obtain flint efficiently is crucial for your success in the game. In this guide, we’ll explore different methods to obtain flint in Minecraft.

Understanding Flint

Flint is a hard, sedimentary rock that can be found in abundance throughout the Minecraft world. It serves several essential purposes, such as crafting arrows, flint and steel, and, most importantly, creating flint and steel, a tool that ignites the Nether portal. Knowing how to obtain flint is a vital skill for survival in Minecraft.

Method 1 – Mining Gravel

The most straightforward way to obtain flint is by mining gravel. Gravel is a common block found in the overworld, often near rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. It has a distinct greyish appearance and can be easily recognized by its characteristic falling animation when disturbed.

To acquire flint from gravel, follow these steps

  • Collect Gravel Locate a source of gravel blocks in your world. They are commonly found on the ground, especially near water bodies or in caves.
  • Mine the Gravel Use a shovel to break the gravel blocks. Using a shovel is crucial as it increases your chances of getting flint compared to other tools.
  • Keep Mining Continue breaking gravel blocks until they drop flint. The drop rate is approximately 10% or 1 in 10 blocks, so you may need to mine a substantial amount of gravel to accumulate a decent supply of flint.

By consistently mining gravel, you’ll amass enough flint for your immediate and future needs.

Method 2 – Exploring Shipwrecks

In Minecraft’s aquatic update, shipwrecks were introduced, providing a new source of flint. Shipwrecks are scattered throughout ocean biomes and can be a treasure trove of valuable items, including flint.

Here’s how to obtain flint from shipwrecks

  • Locate a Shipwreck Explore the ocean biome by sailing on a boat or swimming. Look for shipwrecks underwater, which often have visible masts or broken wooden structures.
  • Search for Chests Shipwrecks usually contain multiple chests. Open these chests and search for flint among the loot. Flint can often be found alongside other useful items.
  • Collect the Flint Once you find flint in the chests, simply take it and add it to your inventory.

Shipwrecks offer an exciting way to obtain flint while exploring the depths of the ocean. It’s an excellent opportunity to combine resource gathering with adventure.

Method 3 – Fishing

Fishing in Minecraft can also yield flint as a byproduct. To obtain flint through fishing, follow these steps

  • Craft a Fishing Rod If you don’t already have one, craft a fishing rod using sticks and string. This will be your tool for fishing.
  • Find Water Locate a body of water, such as a river, lake, or ocean. You can fish in any of these water sources.
  • Cast Your Line Stand by the water, equip your fishing rod, and cast your line into the water. Be patient, as fishing may take some time.
  • Reel In Your Catch When you see bubbles forming around your bobber, quickly right-click to reel in your catch. Among the various items you can obtain while fishing, flint is one of them.

While fishing for flint may be a slower method compared to others, it offers a relaxing and enjoyable way to acquire this resource.

Method 4 – Killing Phantoms

Phantoms are hostile flying mobs that spawn in the Overworld when a player hasn’t slept for several in-game days. While they may be a nuisance, they can be a source of flint.

Here’s how to obtain flint by killing phantoms

  • Stay Awake To trigger the appearance of phantoms, make sure you don’t sleep for a few in-game days. Phantoms spawn when your character is sleep-deprived.
  • Prepare for Battle Arm yourself with appropriate weapons and armour to fend off the phantoms.
  • Engage Phantoms When phantoms appear, engage them in combat and defeat them. Phantoms have a chance to drop flint upon defeat.

Keep in mind that this method requires staying awake for several nights, which might not be suitable for all players, but it can be an interesting way to acquire flint while dealing with the challenge of phantoms.


How do you make flint in Minecraft?

About 1 in 10 gravel blocks drop a piece of flint instead of gravel when destroyed. Using a shovel will let you dig through gravel much faster, and if enchanted with Fortune, it will increase the chances of getting flint.

Can you smelt gravel to get flint?

So basically, you can smelt gravel to get 1 flint for every block of gravel you smelt. This would make gravel so much more valuable, and you wouldn’t have to rely on breaking it with a shovel 10000000 times just to get flint. This would make arrows easier to get, and many people would rely less on infinity.

In conclusion, obtaining flint in Minecraft is essential for various crafting recipes and survival activities. By following these methods – mining gravel, exploring shipwrecks, fishing, and dealing with phantoms – you can ensure a steady supply of flint to meet your needs. So, whether you’re building a Nether portal, crafting arrows, or creating flint and steel, you’ll always have enough flint on hand to make your Minecraft adventures a success. Happy mining!

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