Navigating The Mystical Paths A Guide to Reach Prifddinas

how to get to prifddinas


Prifddinas, the legendary city of the elves in the land of Gielinor, is a place of unparalleled beauty and power. Nestled within the heart of the elven lands, it has long been a dream destination for many adventurers in the popular MMORPG game, RuneScape. However, getting to Prifddinas is no easy feat, as it requires determination, skill, and patience.

The Quests

Before you can even think about setting foot in Prifddinas, you must embark on a series of quests that will pave your way to this elven haven. Completing these quests is not only a prerequisite but also an integral part of the journey. Here are the quests you must conquer

  • Plague’s End This is the main questline that leads to Prifddinas. It requires you to complete various prerequisites and then a series of tasks, including solving puzzles and facing powerful foes. The culmination of this quest will grant you access to the city.
  • Mourning’s End Part I and II These quests are essential steps in the Plague’s End questline. They involve navigating intricate mazes and solving complex puzzles, which can be challenging but rewarding.
  • Within the Light This quest delves deeper into the lore of Prifddinas and requires you to explore the city further. Completing this quest will unlock additional content within the city.

Skills and Requirements

Reaching Prifddinas isn’t just about completing quests; you need to meet specific skill and gear requirements. Here are some of the essential skills and items

  • Agility High Agility levels are crucial for navigating the city’s rooftops and shortcuts. Aim for at least level 75 Agility to access most of the agility courses.
  • Thieving A high Thieving level (around 75) is necessary to pickpocket the elves in Prifddinas and reap the rewards.
  • Combat Skills Expect to face challenging foes within the city. Having combat skills like Magic, Ranged, and Prayer at higher levels (around 70-80) will make your journey smoother.
  • Equipment Equip yourself with the best gear available within your budget. High-tier armour and weapons will significantly improve your chances of success in combat and skilling activities.

Navigating Tirannwn

Prifddinas is located in the elven lands of Tirannwn, which itself can be quite treacherous to traverse. To reach Tirannwn, you’ll need to enter the elven lands through the Underground Pass quest. Here are some key points about navigating Tirannwn

  • Elven Transport: Once you’ve entered Tirannwn, make use of the elven transport system, including the elven crystal teleport seeds, to move quickly between key locations.
  • Resource Gathering: Tirannwn is rich in resources, including herbs and wood. Gather these valuable materials while on your journey to fund your adventures.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Hitpoints: Some areas in Tirannwn are plagued by traps and aggressive monsters. Make sure your hit points are sufficient to survive any unexpected encounters.

The Hidden Attractions of Prifddinas

Prifddinas is not just a hub for quests and skilling; it’s also a city teeming with hidden attractions and activities. Here are a few highlights

1. Elven Clans: Prifddinas is divided into different clans, each specialising in a particular skill. Interact with these clans to unlock various training methods and rewards.

2. Crystal Trees: Crystal trees found throughout the city offer valuable resources and a unique training method for Woodcutting and Farming.

3. The Tower of Voices: This central hub of Prifddinas is where you’ll find most of the city’s amenities, including banks, a Grand Exchange, and portals to other cities.


What is the quest to get into Priff?

To enter Prifddinas(Elf City), there is only the quest requirement of finishing Plague’s End. Plague’s End does have requirements in order to start it. Once you have finished Plague’s End you will have access to Prifddinas! Just head to the gates in Tirannwn, and enjoy the beautiful city.

How do you get to Prifddinas in Runescape 3?

Prifddinas can be accessed by one of its two main entrances; one on the southern side and one on the east, which connect to Isafdar and Arandar respectively. The entrance to the under-city can be found next to the eastern entrance, which is used in the Plague’s End quest.


Reaching Prifddinas in RuneScape is a journey worth undertaking. It’s a testament to your dedication and perseverance as an adventurer. Remember that patience is key, as the quests and requirements can be challenging. Once you set foot in this mystical city, you’ll discover a world of opportunities, training methods, and lore that will captivate you for hours on end. So, gear up, prepare yourself, and embark on the epic quest to Prifddinas – the city of the elves!

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