Mastering The Art of Gleeking – A Guide to This Unique Salivary Skill

how to gleek


Gleeking, the art of projecting a stream of saliva from beneath the tongue, is a fascinating and unique skill that has intrigued people for centuries. It may sound unusual, but learning how to gleek can be a fun party trick or a quirky conversation starter. In this article, we’ll explore the mechanics of gleeking and provide a step-by-step guide on how to master this curious art form.

The Anatomy of Gleeking

To understand how to gleek, you must first grasp the anatomy behind it. Gleeking primarily involves the sublingual gland, a small salivary gland located beneath your tongue. These glands produce saliva to keep your mouth moist and aid in the initial stages of digestion. Gleeking occurs when a controlled jet of saliva is ejected from these glands, typically in response to specific triggers.

Find the Right Trigger

Gleeking usually occurs involuntarily, often when you’re yawning, chewing, or opening your mouth wide. However, if you’re interested in mastering the skill, you can start by consciously finding your trigger. Yawning is a common trigger, so begin by simulating a yawn to stimulate the sublingual glands.

Position Your Tongue

Now that you’ve identified your trigger, it’s time to position your tongue correctly. Start by placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper front teeth. This creates a seal that directs the saliva towards the front of your mouth.

Create Pressure

To project the saliva in a controlled stream, you need to create pressure. You can do this by using the muscles underneath your tongue. Gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while keeping the tip of your tongue in place. This action compresses the sublingual gland and forces the saliva to build up.

Release the Saliva

Once you’ve built up enough pressure, release your tongue slightly, allowing the saliva to escape in a thin stream. The key to a successful gleek is to maintain precise control over the pressure and release, so practice is essential to refine your technique.

Aim and Accuracy

To aim your gleek accurately, it’s important to adjust the angle and position of your tongue. Experiment with different tongue movements to find the right angle that suits you. You can control the direction of the saliva stream by moving your tongue slightly, adjusting the angle of your head, or even pursing your lips. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at directing your gleek with precision.

Practice and Patience

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Gleeking can be challenging to master, and it may take some time before you can consistently produce a controlled stream of saliva. Be patient with yourself and practice in front of a mirror to refine your technique. You can also try different triggers and experiment with the pressure and tongue movements to find what works best for you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While learning how to gleek, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes to ensure a successful outcome

1. Excessive Force: Applying too much pressure can lead to an uncontrolled and messy result. Start with gentle pressure and gradually increase it as you become more proficient.

2. Overhydration: Drinking too much water or excessive saliva production can make gleeking more challenging. Timing your practice when you’re not overly hydrated can help.

3. Lack of Control: The key to a clean and accurate gleek is control. Avoid rushing the process and focus on precision.

4. Frustration: Gleeking can be frustrating to learn, so maintain a positive attitude and stay patient. It’s a unique skill that takes time to perfect.


What is the easiest way to gleek?

Gleeking is the act of shooting saliva out from under your tongue. Many people have gleeked on accident when yawning or flicking their tongue. You can teach yourself how to gleek on purpose by gathering enough saliva, flicking your tongue along the roof of your mouth, and jutting your jaw out.

Is it rare to be able to gleek?

Gleeking means involuntarily spitting saliva while talking, eating or even yawning. It is caused by excessive saliva excretions by the submandibular gland. And while a whopping 35% of humans can gleek, only 1% can do it on command.


Gleeking may be an unusual skill, but it’s a fascinating and entertaining party trick once mastered. Understanding the anatomy behind gleeking and following the step-by-step guide will help you learn and perfect this quirky art form. With practice, patience, and a bit of experimentation, you can become a gleeking pro, impressing friends and family with your newfound skill. So go ahead, give it a try, and let the gleeking fun begin!

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