Mastering The Griddy Celebration in FIFA 23 – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to griddy fifa 23


FIFA 23, the latest instalment of the popular football simulation game, has brought new excitement to the gaming world. Beyond the thrilling gameplay, one aspect that keeps players engaged is the celebratory element. Among the various celebrations, the “Griddy” is a standout favourite, inspired by real-world footballers. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to Griddy in FIFA 23 and add a touch of style to your virtual victories.

The Origins of the Griddy

The Griddy celebration, known for its unique dance moves, was popularised by footballers like Jadon Sancho and Antoine Griezmann. It involves a combination of quick, rhythmic footwork and upper body movements that create a visually captivating celebration. FIFA 23 has included this celebration to let gamers emulate their favourite football stars.

How to Griddy in FIFA 23

Select the Right Player

The first step in performing the Griddy celebration in FIFA 23 is to choose a player who has the celebration in their repertoire. Not all players can perform the Griddy, so make sure you select one who does. Look for players like Jadon Sancho, Antoine Griezmann, or any others who have this specific celebration in their skill set.

Score a Goal

Once you have the right player on your team, the next step is to score a goal. The Griddy is a goal celebration, so you need to get the ball into the back of the net before you can show off your dance moves.

Time Your Celebration

After scoring a goal, press the celebration button immediately. On most gaming platforms, this is done by pressing one of the directional buttons on your controller, or by using the right stick. You can check the control settings in the game to find the exact button or stick for your platform.

Perform the Griddy

As soon as you press the celebration button, your player will perform the Griddy. The dance involves quick footwork and upper body movements. It’s important to note that the Griddy is a brief celebration, so you need to perform it quickly before your player starts running back to their position.

Tips for Perfecting the Griddy

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any other skill in FIFA, perfecting the Griddy takes practice. Spend some time in the training mode to get the hang of the celebration. The more you practise, the smoother and more natural it will become.

Timing is Everything

The key to a great Griddy is timing. You need to press the celebration button immediately after scoring the goal. If you wait too long, your player might start running back to their position, and you’ll miss the opportunity to perform the Griddy.

Experiment with Different Players

While some players are known for their Griddy celebrations, it can be fun to try it out with different players. Experiment and find the player whose Griddy style you like the most. You might discover a hidden gem for celebrations within your own team.

Combine with Other Celebrations

In FIFA 23, you have the option to combine celebrations. After performing the Griddy, you can continue with another celebration if you desire. This can add an extra layer of flair to your goal celebrations.


Where is the Griddy in FIFA 23 Career Mode?

To do the griddy, you must score a goal and then hold down R2/RT and flick the right stick up twice. This will make your player automatically hit the griddy in FIFA 23, which is apparently what the kids say, and show your player dancing across the pitch in celebration.

Is the Griddy in FIFA Career Mode?

Players can now jump into FIFA 23 and explore its Career Mode, Ultimate Team, as well as its Pro Clubs. Electronic Arts have also included a special post-goal celebration for you to trigger in the game. The “Griddy” dance became a huge viral sensation, and the developers have now implemented it in the game.


The Griddy celebration in FIFA 23 is not only a way to show your style but also a nod to real-world footballers who have made it famous. By following this step-by-step guide, you can master the art of the Griddy and celebrate your virtual goals with finesse. Remember, practice is key, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get it just right. Enjoy the game and have fun celebrating your victories with the Griddy!

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