How to Leave a Google Classroom – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to leave a google classroom


Google Classroom has revolutionised the way educators and students collaborate in the digital age. It provides a platform for streamlined communication, assignment submissions, and grading. However, there may be situations where you need to leave a Google Classroom, whether you’re a student or a teacher. This article will guide you through the process in a few easy steps.

Sign in to your Google Account

Before you can leave a Google Classroom, you must be signed in to your Google Account. Go to the Google Account sign-in page and enter your credentials. If you are already signed in, you can skip this step.

Access Google Classroom

Once you’re signed in, navigate to Google Classroom by visiting or using the Google Classroom app on your mobile device. Ensure you are using the account associated with the Classroom you want to leave.

Select the Classroom

In the Google Classroom interface, you’ll see a list of all the classes you’re a part of. Locate the specific Classroom you want to leave and click on it to access its content.

Open the Class Settings

Within the Classroom, you will find a sidebar on the left-hand side. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner to access the menu. Scroll down and select “Settings” from the options provided.

Leave the Classroom

In the “Class settings” section, you’ll see various options, including your class details, notifications, and class code. To leave the Classroom, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find the “Classroom settings” section. Here, you’ll see a button that says “Leave class.” Click on it.

Confirm Your Decision

After clicking the “Leave class” button, a confirmation dialog will appear. This dialog will inform you that you’ll be removed from the Classroom, and any assignments, announcements, or materials from the class will no longer be accessible to you. If you are certain you want to leave the Classroom, click “Leave.”

Departure Notification

Once you’ve confirmed your decision, Google Classroom will notify you that you have left the class. This notification ensures you’re aware of your exit from the Classroom, and you won’t receive further updates or notifications from the class.

Confirm Your Departure

You can double-check your departure from the class by returning to the class list. The Classroom you left should no longer be listed, indicating that you’ve successfully left the class.

For Teachers – How to Remove a Student from Your Google Classroom

In some cases, teachers may need to remove students from their Google Classroom. This can be done if a student is no longer part of the class or has caused disruptions. Here’s how to remove a student

Access the Classroom Settings

As a teacher, you can access your Google Classroom and select the specific class from which you want to remove a student.

Go to the People Tab

In the top menu, you’ll find a tab labelled “People.” Click on it to access the list of students enrolled in your class.

Find the Student to Remove

Scroll through the list of students to find the one you wish to remove. Click on the three dots (options menu) next to their name.

Remove Student

From the options menu, select “Remove.” A confirmation dialog will appear, asking if you’re sure you want to remove the student from the class. Confirm your decision.

Notify the Student

Google Classroom will send a notification to the removed student, informing them that they’ve been removed from the class. They won’t have access to any materials, assignments, or announcements from that point on.


Why can’t I leave a Google classroom?

Not every class will allow you to leave; you can only leave a class if your school admin enables the option to unenroll. Also, you can’t unenroll from an archived class. Contact your teacher and ask them to unarchive the course if you wish to unenroll.

Can a student remove themselves from Google classroom?

Students can unenroll from a class on the class card page. Teachers can remove any student from their Classroom as well.


Leaving a Google Classroom is a straightforward process for both students and teachers. Whether you’re a student looking to exit a class or a teacher needing to remove a student, following the steps outlined in this guide will help you complete the process efficiently. It’s important to remember that once you leave a Google Classroom, you will lose access to all its contents, so be sure to consider your decision carefully. Google Classroom’s user-friendly interface and clear instructions make managing your classes a breeze.

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