Crafting Elegance How to Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon

how to make a bow with wired ribbon


The art of gift wrapping has evolved beyond a mere necessity; it has become a form of expression, a way to show love and care through thoughtful presentation. One of the most enchanting elements of a beautifully wrapped gift is the ribbon bow that adorns it. While there are various types of ribbons available, wired ribbon offers versatility and elegance like no other. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create a stunning bow using wired ribbon, elevating your gift-wrapping game to a whole new level.

Materials You Will Need 

Before we dive into the creative process, gather the following materials

  • Wired ribbon Choose a color and width that complements your gift.
  • Scissors Sharp and precise scissors are essential for clean cuts.
  • Floral wire This will help secure your bow and make it adjustable.
  • Wire cutters Needed to trim the floral wire.
  • A ruler For measuring and ensuring uniformity.
  • Optional Tailor’s chalk or a washable marker for marking measurements.

Measure and Cut

Begin by unrolling a length of wired ribbon. The length depends on how large you want your bow. A standard size is around 18 inches, but feel free to adjust according to your preference. Using a ruler and tailor’s chalk or a washable marker, mark the desired length on the ribbon. Then, use sharp scissors to make a clean, straight cut. If you’re making a bow with multiple loops, cut several equal lengths of ribbon.

Create the First Loop 

Hold one end of the ribbon and fold it over to create a loop, with the wired side on the outside. The size of this loop will determine the size of your bow’s loops, so adjust it according to your desired bow size. Make sure the two ends of the loop align neatly.

Create Additional Loops

To create a full and lush bow, you’ll want to make multiple loops. Continue folding the ribbon back and forth, creating loops of the same size. For a classic bow, make at least three or four loops on each side. Keep in mind that the more loops you add, the larger and more voluminous your bow will be.

Secure the Bow

With all the loops in place, it’s time to secure your bow. Cut a piece of floral wire, approximately 6-8 inches long. Gently wrap the wire around the center of your bow, making sure it’s snug but not too tight. Twist the wire at the back to secure it firmly. This wire will not only hold your bow together but also provide flexibility for shaping and attaching the bow to your gift.

Fluff and Adjust

Now comes the fun part—fluffing and adjusting your bow to perfection. Gently separate and fan out the loops, pulling them towards the center to create a full and balanced shape. Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy at first; wired ribbon allows you to sculpt and reshape until you’re satisfied with the result. Take your time and be patient; the final look will be worth the effort.


Can wired ribbon be used for hair bows?

experiment with all types of ribbon and embellishments. Today I made a hair bow using a large width wired ribbon and added some fun bling to really jazz-it-up!

What is wired ribbon called?

The ribbon is called wire-edge because a thin wire is encased along the edges of the ribbon giving it body and the ability to be shaped.


Creating a bow with wired ribbon adds an exquisite touch to your gift-wrapping endeavors. With a few simple steps and a touch of creativity, you can fashion beautiful bows that will leave a lasting impression. So, the next time you prepare a gift, remember these steps and let your imagination run wild as you craft elegant bows that elevate your presents to works of art.

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