Crafting Your Illuminated Path – How to Make a Lantern in Minecraft

how to make a lantern in minecraft


Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, offers a world of creativity and adventure, and crafting is at its heart. Among the many items you can create, lanterns stand out as both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They not only provide light in the darkest corners of your blocky world but also add a touch of charm to your builds. In this guide, we’ll delve into the fascinating process of making a lantern in Minecraft, allowing you to light up your world with style.

Gather Resources

Before you start crafting, you’ll need to gather the necessary resources

  • Iron Ingots You’ll need iron ingots to create the lantern’s frame. To obtain iron, mine iron ore blocks found underground. Smelt these ore blocks in a furnace or blast furnace to produce iron ingots.
  • A Crafting Table If you haven’t already, craft a crafting table using four wooden planks. The crafting table is essential for creating various items in Minecraft.

Crafting the Iron Nuggets

To create lanterns, you’ll need iron nuggets, a crucial component in the crafting process. Follow these steps to obtain iron nuggets

  • Smelt Iron Ingots Place iron ingots in a furnace or blast furnace to smelt them. This will yield iron nuggets.
  • Collect Iron Nuggets Once the smelting process is complete, collect the iron nuggets from the furnace’s output slot.

Crafting the Lantern

Now that you have your iron nuggets, it’s time to craft your lantern. Follow these steps

Access the Crafting Table Right-click on the crafting table to open the 3×3 crafting grid.

Arrange the Iron Nuggets Place the iron nuggets in the following pattern within the crafting grid:

  •   Top row Iron nugget, iron nugget, iron nugget
  •    Middle row Iron nugget, Iron ingot, iron nugget
  •    Bottom row Iron nugget, iron nugget, iron nugget

This arrangement will create one lantern for you.

Collect Your Lantern Once the pattern is correctly arranged in the crafting grid, a lantern icon will appear as the output. Click on it to collect your newly crafted lantern.

Using the Lantern

Now that you’ve successfully created your lantern, it’s time to put it to good use. Here are some tips on how to use lanterns effectively in Minecraft

  • Place Your Lantern Right-click on the block where you want to place your lantern. It can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on walls, or even set on the ground.
  • Light Source Lanterns provide a steady source of light, ensuring that mobs, like zombies and skeletons, don’t spawn nearby. They also create a cosy atmosphere in your structures.
  • Renewable Light Source Lanterns run on infinite fuel, making them an excellent renewable light source compared to torches, which eventually burn out.
  • Aesthetic Appeal Lanterns add aesthetic value to your Minecraft builds. You can use them to create beautiful chandeliers, light up pathways, or even decorate outdoor areas.


How is Sky Lantern made?

In China, Taiwan and Thailand, sky lanterns are traditionally made from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame. The source of hot air may be a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material.

What makes a good lantern?

While there are many different types of lanterns, it’s actually pretty easy to pick the right one. The main things you need to think about are power source and lumen output. Once you know your power source and lumen output, it’s just deciding on physical size, weight, and features that best suit your needs.


In Minecraft, crafting is both an essential skill and a source of creative enjoyment. The lantern, a versatile and visually appealing light source, is a testament to the game’s depth and the satisfaction of creating useful items. With a few iron ingots and some basic crafting knowledge, you can illuminate your world in style. So, venture forth, gather your resources, and start crafting your lanterns to light up your Minecraft adventures like never before. Whether you’re exploring the depths of a cave or enhancing the ambiance of your home, these lanterns will guide your way and make your world a brighter place.

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