Crafting Serenity Creating a Simple Origami Figure

How to make a simple origami figure

Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has captivated hearts and minds for centuries. With just a sheet of paper and a few deft folds, you can transform a blank canvas into a delightful masterpiece. In this guide, we will embark on a journey to create a simple yet enchanting origami figure – the classic paper crane. 

Materials Needed

1. A square sheet of origami paper (6×6 inches is recommended for beginners)

2. A flat, clean surface to work on

Setting the Stage

Begin by selecting your paper. Origami paper comes in various colors and patterns, but for clarity in instructions, plain white paper will be used. Ensure the paper is square; you can trim standard rectangular paper to form a square.

Preparing the Base

Place the paper on the table with the colored side facing down, forming a diamond shape. Fold the paper in half diagonally, left corner to right corner. Crease the fold firmly, then unfold the paper.

Shaping the Diamond

Rotate the paper so that the crease you just made runs vertically. Now, fold the paper in half diagonally again, this time bringing the top corner to the bottom corner. Crease and unfold.

Forming a Square

With the colored side still facing down, take the left corner and fold it towards the center where the creases intersect. Do the same with the right corner, creating a shape resembling an isosceles triangle. The top layer of the triangle can be lifted up, then gently pressed down, collapsing the triangle into a square shape. The open flaps should be at the bottom.

Creating the Waterbomb Base

Now, we need to prepare the foundation for the crane. Orient the square so that the open flaps are at the bottom and the closed side is at the top. Fold the right corner of the top layer towards the center, aligning the edge with the vertical crease. Do the same with the left corner. The top portion can be lifted and flattened, resulting in a shape resembling a kite.

The Preliminary Fold

Flip the paper over to the other side. Fold the paper in half horizontally, bringing the bottom edge to the top. Crease and unfold. The crease in the middle should serve as a guide.

Creating the Neck

This step forms the base of the crane’s neck. Hold the paper in a “diamond” orientation, with the open flaps at the bottom. Gently lift the top layer and fold it downwards along the middle crease. Press down to secure.

Forming the Head

Turn the model over. Take the top layer of the flap you just folded (only the top layer, leaving the bottom layer untouched) and fold it down, creating a small triangle. This will be the head of the crane.

Crafting the Wings

Lift the left and right sides of the model, bringing them towards the center. The model will naturally collapse into a triangular shape. The open flaps will become the wings of the crane.

Bringing the Crane to Life

With the model still folded, gently pull down on the tail of the crane to stretch and shape its body. Your simple origami crane is now complete!


What are the 10 basic folds in origami?

There are a foundation of 10-12 basic folds / maneuvers that are essential to build origami: Rabbit Ear Fold, Reverse Fold (Inside & Outside), Squash Fold, Swivel Fold, Pleat Fold, Crimp Fold, Petal Fold, Sink Fold (Open, Closed, Spread).

What is 3D origami called?

Golden venture folding, more commonly known as 3D origami, is an intriguing form of paper art. This type of origami is created using multiple triangular units that are joined together to form a continuous design.

Conclusion A Tranquil Accomplishment

Origami is not merely the art of folding paper; it is an exercise in patience, precision, and creativity. As you create this simple paper crane, you connect with an ancient tradition that symbolizes peace and harmony. With practice, you’ll find yourself not just making paper figures, but also cultivating a sense of serenity and accomplishment that resonates through each precise fold. So go ahead, let your fingers dance with the paper, and unfold the tranquil beauty of origami.

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