Crafting an Aquatic Ascent – Building a Water Elevator in Minecraft

how to make a water elevator in minecraft

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game that has captured the hearts of millions, offers players endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. Among the many intriguing projects players can undertake, building a water elevator stands out as a unique and functional creation. This article will guide you through the process of constructing a water elevator in Minecraft, giving you the means to effortlessly ascend and descend through its blocky world.

Understanding the Concept

Before diving into the construction process, it’s essential to grasp the concept of a water elevator. A water elevator is a vertical transportation system that uses water and bubbles to move players and items up or down. The mechanism relies on two essential components: water source blocks and bubble columns.

Materials Required

To construct a functional water elevator, you’ll need the following materials

1. Buckets – for collecting water source blocks.

2. Building Blocks – to create the elevator’s structure.

3. Signs – for stopping water flow.

4. Kelp – a water plant that generates bubble columns.

5. Soul Sand – a block that creates upwelling bubble columns.

6. Water source blocks – for creating the elevator itself.

The Building Process

Now, let’s break down the construction process step by step

Choose Your Location

   Select a suitable location for your water elevator. It can be in a cave, a house, or anywhere you like. The only limitation is that it should have enough space for the elevator to reach its desired height.

Build the Elevator Shaft

   Create the shaft of your water elevator using your chosen building blocks. The size and shape of the elevator are entirely up to you, but a common design includes a 2×2 or 3×3 shaft.

Place Water Source Blocks

   Inside the elevator shaft, place water source blocks at the bottom. These blocks will be the foundation of your elevator.

Add Kelp

   Plant kelp on top of the water source blocks. Kelp will grow upwards and help generate bubbles, creating a bubble column.

Add Soul Sand

   Above the kelp, place soul sand. When bubbles reach the soul sand, they’ll create an upwelling bubble column.

Create Air Pockets

   As the kelp grows and reaches the water’s surface, make sure to create air pockets at the top of your elevator to allow players or items to enter and exit without being blocked by the water.

Install Signs

   At the desired stopping points within the elevator, place signs horizontally across the shaft. This will prevent water from flowing further and enable you to stop at that level.

Complete the Elevator

   Continue repeating the steps of planting kelp, adding soul sand, and creating air pockets until you reach the top of your desired height.

Using the Water Elevator

With your water elevator complete, it’s time to put it to use. Here’s how it works

  • To ascend, simply step into the bubble column, and it will carry you upwards. You can stop at any level with a sign, and when you’re ready to continue, swim up through the bubble column again.
  • To descend, jump into the water elevator from the top. You’ll fall through the air pockets and into the water below, where you can swim down to your desired level.

Additional Tips

  • Decoration You can make your water elevator more aesthetically pleasing by using different building blocks, adding lighting, or incorporating designs that suit your taste.
  • Redstone Control For added convenience, you can use redstone contraptions to automate the elevator by controlling the flow of water and bubble columns. This is an advanced feature that requires some knowledge of redstone mechanics.
  • Maintenance Keep an eye on your kelp as it grows, and make sure to replace any that reaches the top and gets destroyed. Regular maintenance will keep your elevator running smoothly.
  • Safety Measures Be cautious when building in survival mode, as drowning is a possibility. Always ensure you have an air pocket at the top to breathe and regroup before continuing your ascent.


Why isn’t soul sand making bubbles?

Make sure the water is flat (Not flowing) and possibly need the water source to start from the bottom up. You need a water source at the bottom and top of the water column. And if you want the elevator to move things faster, make it all source blocks. Good question!

Why can’t I place kelp on soul sand?

Kelp cannot be placed on submerged soul sand blocks. This is important for making bubble columns easily. Steps to reproduce: Create a one block wide column of flowing water (only one source block at the top).


In the world of Minecraft, constructing a water elevator is both a practical and creative endeavor. It not only simplifies vertical transportation but also adds a unique touch to your in-game environment. The step-by-step guide provided here should assist you in creating your water elevator, but don’t hesitate to experiment with different designs and configurations to match your personal style. Whether for a hidden underground lair, a grand castle, or a humble home, a water elevator in Minecraft is sure to elevate your gaming experience. Happy crafting!

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