Creating Flowers in Little Alchemy 2 A Blooming Guide

how to make flower in little alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a captivating and addictive game that allows players to explore the world of science and imagination by combining different elements to create new ones. One of the most enchanting and sought-after creations in the game is the humble flower. Flowers are not only beautiful but also play a vital role in many combinations.

Understanding the Basics

Before you can create a flower, you need to grasp the basics of the game. Little Alchemy 2 is all about combining different elements to discover new ones. To create a flower, you’ll need to combine two basic elements: earth and water. These elements are fundamental in many recipes throughout the game, so understanding their significance is essential.

Creating Earth

The first step to making a flower is obtaining the earth element. Earth can be found by combining two of the game’s starting elements: fire and water. This combination may seem counterintuitive at first, but it mimics real-life processes where heat and water interact with minerals to form soil or earth. When you successfully combine fire and water, you’ll have your first essential ingredient: earth.

Combining Earth and Water

Now that you have earth, you can proceed to the next step: creating water. Water is one of the initial elements in the game, so you won’t need to combine anything to get it. Once you have both earth and water in your inventory, it’s time to bring them together to make a flower. Drag the earth element onto the water element, and voilà! You have successfully created a flower.

Tips and Strategies

While the process of making a flower is relatively straightforward, there are some tips and strategies that can enhance your Little Alchemy 2 experience

  • Experimentation The game is all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to combine elements you think might work together, even if they seem unrelated. Sometimes, the most unexpected combinations yield exciting results.
  • Use Hints Sparingly Little Alchemy 2 offers hints to help you discover new combinations. However, try not to rely too heavily on hints, as they can diminish the sense of accomplishment that comes from figuring things out on your own.
  • Explore Different Categories The game is divided into categories like plants, animals, and materials. Exploring these categories can help you see which elements are related and may be used in similar combinations.
  • Share Your Discoveries Little Alchemy 2 encourages sharing your discoveries with friends. Sharing can lead to new insights and collaborative problem-solving, making the game even more enjoyable.
  • Keep a List Consider maintaining a list of combinations you’ve tried and the results you’ve achieved. This can help you avoid repeating failed attempts and keep track of your progress.
  • Check for Updates The game developers occasionally release updates that add new elements and combinations. Make sure you have the latest version of the game to access all the content available.


How is clay made in Little Alchemy 2?

Once they have lava, they need to cool it down with air to create stone. Note that cooling it down with water will create steam instead, which is not needed in this specific scenario. Now, all they need to do is combine the mud with the stone to create clay.

How is primordial soup made in Little Alchemy 2?

The fastest way to make Primordial Soup is by combining Earth and Ocean. Make Ocean by starting with Water combined with Water. Keep combining the new water products with itself or with Water until you get Ocean. Now, combine Earth and Ocean and you’ll have the Primordial Soup.


Creating a flower in Little Alchemy 2 is a simple yet satisfying process that embodies the game’s core concept of combining elements to uncover new possibilities. Earth and water are the key ingredients in this delightful recipe, but the real magic lies in your willingness to experiment and explore the game’s vast universe of combinations. With these steps and tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a garden of beautiful virtual blooms in no time. Happy experimenting, and may your gaming experience in Little Alchemy 2 continue to flourish like the flowers you create!

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