How to Add Date and Time to Your Photos A Step-by-Step Guide

how to put date and time on photo


In today’s digital age, preserving memories has become easier than ever, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and digital cameras. Adding the date and time to your photos can provide essential context and serve as a helpful reference point. In this article, we will explore various methods to seamlessly incorporate the date and time onto your cherished photographs.

Utilize Camera Settings 

Many modern digital cameras and smartphones come equipped with the option to automatically imprint the date and time on captured images. To enable this feature, navigate to your camera settings and look for “Date Stamp” or a similar option. Once enabled, the camera will imprint the date and time directly onto each photo as you take them. While this method is convenient, it may not be ideal if you wish to add the timestamp to existing photos or have more control over the appearance of the date and time.

Editing Software 

If your camera does not have a built-in date stamp feature or you want more flexibility, editing software provides an excellent solution. Software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or free alternatives like GIMP and Paint.NET allow you to add text overlays easily. Open your desired image in the editing software and select the text tool. Choose a font, size, and color that compliments your photo. Then, position the text layer where you want the date and time to appear and input the relevant information. Finally, save the edited image with the embedded timestamp.

Mobile Apps 

For those who prefer editing on the go, numerous mobile applications offer the ability to add date and time stamps to photos. Apps like Snapseed, VSCO, and Adobe Photoshop Express provide comprehensive editing tools, including the option to add text overlays. After selecting your photo in the app, look for the text or sticker option. Input the date and time information, customize the text’s appearance, and position it on the image. Once you’re satisfied, save the photo, and the timestamp will be permanently embedded.

Online Services

If you don’t have access to editing software or prefer not to install additional applications, several online services offer date and time stamp functionality. Websites like LunaPic, Canva, and Fotor provide user-friendly interfaces for adding text overlays to images. Simply upload your photo to the website, navigate to the text or sticker option, and input the desired timestamp details. Adjust the text’s appearance and position it on the image, ensuring it complements the overall composition. After making the necessary adjustments, save the photo, and the timestamp will be incorporated into the image.


How do you write date and time on a picture?

Select the “Text” option from the menu on the left. This will bring up a text box on the photo. Just click the text box, add the date and time of the photo, and you’re done!

What app puts date on photos?

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best Free Photo Date Stamper App for iPhone & Android. Adding the date to a photo is a great way to elevate even the most basic of photos. You can add one that’s straight and to the point, or make it more fun and theme it around your photo.


Adding the date and time to your photos can significantly enhance their informational value and help preserve cherished memories. Whether you opt for camera settings, editing software, mobile apps, or online services, there are various methods available to suit your needs. Experiment with different approaches to find the one that aligns with your preferences and skill level. By incorporating timestamps into your photos, you can ensure that important details are never forgotten, allowing you to revisit and relive those special moments with ease.

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