Unlocking The Ancient Wisdom – How to Read an Egg Cleanse

how to read an egg cleanse


Egg cleanses, also known as “limpias” in Spanish and “ojo de venado” in some indigenous cultures, are a time-honoured practice used to remove negative energy and spiritual impurities. This ancient form of divination is deeply rooted in various cultures around the world, including Latin America and Southern Europe. Reading an egg cleanse is a mystical art that allows practitioners to gain insights into one’s spiritual and emotional well-being. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of egg cleanses, exploring how to perform them and decode their messages.

The Ritual of the Egg Cleanse

The egg cleanse is a simple yet powerful practice that involves the use of a raw, uncooked egg to cleanse the energy of a person. The practitioner begins by taking a fresh, unbroken egg and rubbing it over the individual’s body, or “aura,” while silently setting an intention to remove any negative energy or spiritual blockages. This process is thought to transfer these impurities from the person to the egg. The egg is then cracked open into a glass of water, where it is left to sit for a period of time, usually overnight.

Interpreting the Egg

The interpretation of the egg’s contents after the cleansing process is a crucial aspect of the practice. Reading the egg can reveal insights into the individual’s energy, emotions, and well-being.

1. Yolk and Whites – The yolk and whites of the egg may take on various forms, each carrying a specific meaning. A clear yolk and white are often associated with positive energy, indicating that the person is spiritually balanced and free from negativity. Conversely, cloudy or discoloured yolk and whites may signify the presence of negative energy or emotional turmoil.

2. Bubbles and Strings – Bubbles, strands, or strings in the egg white may represent attachments or energetic cords connecting the person to others. These can be either positive or negative. Positive attachments indicate strong and supportive connections, while negative ones can suggest toxic relationships or energy-draining influences.

3. Shapes and Patterns – The patterns that form in the egg, such as circles, lines, or crosses, can carry symbolic meanings. Circles may represent wholeness and protection, lines could indicate a need for direction, and crosses often symbolise protection from spiritual harm.

4. Blood Spots – The presence of blood spots in the egg white is often considered a sign of negative energy or physical ailments. This may indicate the need for healing and energy cleansing.

5. Foreign Objects – Sometimes, foreign objects like hairs, nails, or pins may appear in the egg. These are often seen as signs of malevolent intentions or negative influences in the person’s life.

6. Smell – The odour of the egg can also be telling. A foul or unpleasant smell may indicate the presence of negativity, while a fresh and clean aroma is associated with positive energy.

Interpreting the Messages

To interpret the messages revealed by the egg cleanse, the practitioner relies on their intuition, experience, and cultural knowledge. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as the symbolism and meaning of the egg’s contents may vary from person to person and across different cultural traditions.

However, a general guideline is to encourage the person to reflect on their emotional state, relationships, and life circumstances. The practitioner can offer insights based on the symbolism observed, suggesting ways to address negative influences, promote healing, or strengthen positive connections.


Where did the egg cleanse originate?

History of egg cleansing. This Mexican form of spiritual cleansing is called “limpia de los huevos”, which directly translates to egg cleansing. It is a practice that has been passed down for centuries by curanderos, which are traditional healers or shamans in Latin America.

What does the egg test water mean?

👇 All you have to do is sinking an egg into a glass filled with water: ❌if it floats, that means that it’s no more fresh and safe to eat; ⏰if it sinks to the bottom but stays upright, it’s still fresh but consume it as soon as possible; ✅if it sinks, it’s fresh.


The ancient art of reading an egg cleanse is a powerful and intriguing practice, deeply rooted in diverse cultures worldwide. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with one’s spiritual and emotional self, revealing insights into the individual’s energy and well-being. While the practice may be seen as mystical or esoteric, it has survived the test of time because it resonates with people seeking to cleanse their spirits and lead more balanced lives.

Performing an egg cleanse and interpreting its messages requires a combination of intuition, experience, and cultural knowledge. The process is a deeply personal one, and the insights gained can be invaluable for those seeking spiritual guidance and emotional healing. Whether you approach the egg cleanse as a sacred tradition or a fascinating exploration of your inner self, it remains a compelling journey into the realm of ancient wisdom.

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