Mastering Solo Carries in League of Legends

league how to solo carry

League of Legends, the immensely popular online multiplayer battle arena game, is a team-based strategy game that requires coordination, teamwork, and communication to secure victory. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to take matters into your own hands and single-handedly lead your team to victory. Solo carrying in League of Legends is not an easy feat, but with the right approach, it’s possible..

Choose the Right Champion

   The first step to solo carrying is picking a champion that can have a significant impact on the game. It’s essential to choose a champion that you are comfortable with and one that can carry in your chosen role. Champions with strong dueling potential or high burst damage are often good choices for solo carrying.

Master Your Champion

   Once you’ve selected your champion, it’s crucial to master their abilities, combos, and power spikes. Spend time practicing in normal games or custom matches to understand your champion’s mechanics fully. Knowing your champion inside and out will give you a significant advantage.

Game Knowledge

   Understanding the game’s mechanics, objectives, and the current meta is vital for solo carrying. You should be aware of the importance of objectives like Dragon, Baron Nashor, and towers. Stay updated on the current meta so you can choose champions and build items that are most effective in the current patch.

Warding and Map Awareness

   Keep an eye on the minimap at all times and maintain good vision control through ward placement. Map awareness is crucial to avoid ganks and to make informed decisions. Information is power, and it can prevent unnecessary deaths.

CSing and Gold Management

   Efficiently farming minions (CS) is a fundamental aspect of solo carrying. The more gold you accumulate, the stronger you become. Focus on last-hitting minions and optimizing your gold income through objectives and kills.

Win Your Lane

   Dominating your lane is a significant step in solo carrying. This requires trading effectively, zoning your opponent, and securing kills when the opportunity arises. A significant advantage in your lane will allow you to roam and influence other parts of the map.

Roaming and Map Pressure

   After winning your lane, use your advantage to roam to other lanes and assist your teammates. Ganking other lanes and helping your team secure objectives will further increase your influence on the game.

Objective Control

   Solo carrying doesn’t mean ignoring your team entirely. It’s essential to work with your team to secure important objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. These can provide significant advantages and sway the game in your favor.


   Adjust your item build to counter the enemy team composition and adapt to the flow of the game. Defensive items can be just as important as offensive ones, depending on the situation.

Communication and Leadership

    While you’re aiming to carry the game, it’s essential to maintain positive communication with your team. Offer guidance and suggestions, but avoid being overly critical or negative. A team that’s motivated and working together is more likely to secure victory.

Mental Toughness

    Solo carrying can be mentally taxing. Expect setbacks and be prepared to endure difficult situations. Staying calm and focused, even when your team is behind, is crucial for turning the tide of the game.


    Be prepared to change your approach based on the evolving state of the game. Sometimes, the best way to carry is by playing defensively and capitalizing on the enemy’s mistakes.

Split Pushing

    If you have a champion suited for it, split pushing can be an effective way to pressure the map and draw attention away from your team. Just ensure you communicate with your team so they don’t engage in unfavorable fights while you’re split pushing.


    Proper positioning in team fights is key. Avoid being caught out of position and prioritize targeting high-value enemy champions, like the enemy ADC or mage.

Know When to Take Risks

    While playing conservatively is generally a good strategy, there are times when taking calculated risks can turn the game in your favor. Knowing when to engage, chase, or back off is a skill that comes with experience.


What is solo carrying?

Solo carrying is getting yourself to snowball so hard that the enemy is unable to stop you, and you end the game with your teammates providing only ancillary support.

What is the safest ADC?

If you mean pure safety without any other consideration, then it’s Ezreal, but if you mean safe while dealing consistent decent damage then lethality Sivir or Varus could be the one.

Solo carrying in League of Legends is challenging, but it’s an achievable feat with the right knowledge and mindset. Remember that not every game will be winnable, and it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity. Continuously working on your skills and game knowledge will increase your chances of carrying your team to victory. So, pick your champion, hit the Rift, and show your team the way to success through solo carrying.

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