Crafting Colorful Creations – How to Make Dye in Ark

how to make dye in ark


Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game that throws players into a prehistoric world teeming with majestic creatures and challenges. To survive and thrive in this harsh environment, players must harness their creativity and resourcefulness, even down to the small details, like crafting dyes. Dyes in Ark allow you to personalize your equipment, structures, and even your tamed creatures, making your mark on the ancient landscape. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the fascinating process of creating dyes in Ark.

Why Dyes Matter

Dyes serve both practical and aesthetic purposes in Ark. They can help you distinguish your tribe’s belongings from others, making it easier to identify your structures and gear. Additionally, dyes enable you to express your creativity and individuality in a world where survival is the ultimate goal. Whether you want to add a splash of color to your armor, create tribal insignias, or simply make your surroundings more vibrant, dyes are an essential part of your Ark journey.

Resource Gathering

To start your dye-making adventure, you’ll need to gather the necessary resources. The primary resource for dyes in Ark is berries. There are different types of berries in the game, and each produces a different color of dye

1. Amarberry – Red Dye

2. Azulberry – Blue Dye

3. Tintoberry – Green Dye

4. Mejoberry – Purple Dye

5. Narcoberry – Black Dye

6. Stimberry – White Dye

You can obtain these berries by harvesting various plants found throughout the Ark world. It’s important to note that each type of berry has different properties beyond just color. For example, Narcoberries are used in creating narcotics for taming, and Stimberries can be consumed to reduce torpor, making them valuable resources with multiple uses.

Creating Dye

Once you’ve collected the required berries, you can start the process of dye creation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it

1. Access a Cooking Pot: To create dyes, you’ll need to use a Cooking Pot. These can be crafted with various resources, such as metal ingots, cementing paste, and hide, depending on your technological progression in the game.

2. Fill the Cooking Pot with Water: You’ll need to place the Cooking Pot near a water source, such as a river or ocean. Fill the pot with water by accessing it and selecting the “Fill” option.

3. Add Berries: Open the Cooking Pot’s inventory and place the berries you’ve gathered into it. Each dye requires a different combination of berries, so make sure you add the correct ones for your desired color.

4. Light the Fire: Now, it’s time to ignite a fire under the Cooking Pot. This can be done using a campfire or any other source of heat. Once the fire is lit, the Cooking Pot will start cooking the berries.

5. Wait for the Dye: As the Cooking Pot heats up, it will transform the berries into dyes. The process may take a few moments, so be patient.

6. Collect the Dye: Once the dyes are ready, you can retrieve them from the Cooking Pot’s inventory. Each type of berry will yield multiple dye units, so you can create a considerable amount of dye with a modest berry collection.

Dye Applications

With your dyes in hand, it’s time to put them to use. Dyes can be applied to a wide range of items, including

1. Armor: You can dye your armor pieces to make your character stand out or coordinate with your tribe’s colors. Simply access the dye in your inventory and choose the armor piece you want to color.

2. Structures: Dyeing structures can help your tribe members identify them easily. Apply dye to your walls, roofs, or any part of your base to create a unique look.

3. Creatures: Taming creatures with distinctive colors can be both practical and visually appealing. Dye can be applied to creatures’ regions such as their body, scales, or feathers.

4. Signs and Paintings: Dyes can be used to paint signs and canvases, allowing you to add artwork, directions, or important messages to your base.

5. Flags and Banners: Personalize your tribe’s flag or banner to showcase your tribe’s identity and make it more easily recognizable to others.


Do you need a recipe for dye ark?

The tricky part about dyes is that each color must be individually made, using a specific recipe unless you are using single-player cheat codes. There are 25 different colors you can make, each one using a combination of certain berries, fuel, and water. The recipe for each dye can be found below.

What color dyes can you make in Ark?

Cooking a large batch of dye in this manner produces 15 units of: Blue, Brick, Brown, Cantaloupe, Cyan, Forest, Green, Magenta, Mud, Navy, Olive, Orange, Parchment, Pink, Purple, Red, Royalty, Silver, Sky, Slate and Yellow. And the other colors: 30 units of Black, Tan, and Tangerine; and 40 units of White.


In Ark: Survival Evolved, dyes are more than just cosmetic enhancements; they’re a tool for survival and self-expression. By mastering the art of dye creation, you can add a burst of color and creativity to your journey through the prehistoric wilderness. From personalizing your armor and structures to making your tribe’s mark on the world, dyes in Ark offer endless opportunities to stand out and leave your colorful legacy in a challenging environment where survival is just the beginning. So, gather those berries, fire up the Cooking Pot, and let your imagination run wild in the world of Ark.

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