Crafting Your Own Compass in Minecraft A Step-by-Step Guide

how to make a compass in minecraft


Minecraft, a virtual world of endless possibilities, allows players to explore and create to their heart’s content. One of the most essential tools for navigation in this blocky realm is a compass. Although Minecraft provides various items to aid navigation, crafting your compass can be a rewarding and educational experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of making a compass in Minecraft, ensuring you never lose your way while embarking on exciting adventures.

Understanding the Compass 

In Minecraft, the compass is a crucial item that always points toward the world spawn point, typically where you first started your game. This makes it an invaluable tool for finding your way back home or marking important locations. However, crafting a compass is not as straightforward as crafting other items in the game. It requires a specific resource called Redstone, which adds an element of challenge and excitement to the process.

Gather Resources 

To craft a compass, you’ll need two essential resources: iron ingots and Redstone dust. Iron ingots can be obtained by smelting iron ore blocks in a furnace or by looting them from dungeons, temples, or other structures. Redstone dust is typically found deep underground, near lava pools, and is usually collected by mining Redstone ore blocks. Ensure you have an adequate supply of both before you begin crafting your compass.

Smelt Iron Ingots 

First, let’s focus on obtaining iron ingots. To do this, follow these steps

1. Mine iron ore blocks using a stone pickaxe or better.

2. Collect the iron ore drops.

3. Head to your furnace.

4. Place the iron ore in the top slot and a fuel source (like wood or coal) in the bottom slot.

5. Wait for the furnace to smelt the iron ore into iron ingots.

6. Collect the ingots from the output slot.

You’ll need at least four iron ingots to craft a compass.

Acquire Redstone Dust

Next, you’ll need to gather Redstone dust. Here’s how

1. Venture deep underground, usually at levels below Y=16, to find Redstone ore.

2. Use an iron pickaxe or better to mine Redstone ore blocks.

3. Collect the Redstone drops.

4. You may also find Redstone dust in chests within dungeons, temples, or mineshafts.

You’ll need just one Redstone dust to create a compass.

Crafting the Compass 

Now that you have the necessary resources, it’s time to craft your compass

1. Open your crafting table.

2. Place the Redstone dust in the centre slot.

3. Surround the Redstone dust with four iron ingots, one in each of the cardinal directions (north, south, east, west).

4. The crafting table will now display a compass.

5. Click on the compass icon to move it to your inventory.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully crafted a compass in Minecraft.

Using the Compass

Your newly crafted compass will now always point toward the world spawn point, allowing you to navigate more effectively. To make the most of it

1. Hold the compass in your hand or place it in your hotbar.

2. Pay attention to the direction in which the needle points.

3. Follow the needle to travel towards your world spawn point.


How do you make a map and compass in Minecraft?

The compass can be made by putting 4 iron ingots and a redstone dust in the shape of a cross. You can also purchase from merchants in villages. Step 2 – Craft a Map: Place the 8 sheets of paper in the top row of the crafting table and the compass in the centre box. This will create an empty map.

How do you make a compass point to your house in Minecraft?

To make a compass point towards a bed or any custom location, you need to craft a lodestone. It’s a utility block in Minecraft that makes your compass point towards the location where the lodestone is placed. It ignores the original world spawn point after being connected to the lodestone.


In Minecraft, a compass is an indispensable tool for adventurers and builders alike. Crafting your compass not only enhances your survival skills but also adds a sense of accomplishment to your gameplay. Now that you know how to create a compass from iron ingots and Redstone dust, you can confidently explore the vast, blocky world of Minecraft while always knowing the way back home. So, equip your compass, embark on exciting journeys, and let your creativity flourish in the boundless landscapes of Minecraft.

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