Unlocking The Power How to Disable MIUI Optimization for a Smooth Android Experience

How to disable miui optimization


Xiaomi’s MIUI (MI User Interface) is a popular custom skin for Android devices, known for its feature-rich interface and smooth performance. While MIUI optimization is designed to enhance the user experience and improve overall device performance, some users may prefer a more stock Android-like experience or want to squeeze out every last bit of performance from their Xiaomi device. Disabling MIUI optimization can be a way to achieve this goal. In this article, we will delve into the process of disabling MIUI optimization, its potential benefits, and possible drawbacks.

What is MIUI Optimization?

MIUI Optimization is a set of features implemented by Xiaomi in its custom Android skin to optimize system performance and improve user experience. It includes various performance tweaks, resource management, and background processes prioritization. These optimizations can help reduce lag, increase app launching speed, and enhance overall system stability.

Advantages of Disabling MIUI Optimization

Stock Android Experience: By disabling MIUI optimization, you can move closer to a stock Android experience, which appeals to users who prefer the clean and minimalistic look and feel of Google’s original Android OS.

  • Increased Control Some users may desire more control over their device’s performance, and by turning off MIUI optimization, they can fine-tune settings according to their preferences.
  • Enhanced Battery Life In certain cases, disabling MIUI optimization might improve battery life, as some of the optimizations can consume additional system resources.
  • Customizability Once MIUI optimization is disabled, you may have more freedom to customize your device using third-party applications and custom ROMs.

Disabling MIUI Optimization: Step-by-Step Guide

Please note that disabling MIUI optimization requires enabling Developer Options on your Xiaomi device, which can be done by following these steps

  • Go to Settings on your Xiaomi device.
  • Scroll down and tap on “About phone.”
  • Locate and tap on “MIUI Version” multiple times (usually seven times) until you see a message saying “You are now a developer!”
  • Once Developer Options are enabled, go back to the main Settings menu.
  • Scroll down and select “Additional settings.”
  • Look for “Developer options” and tap on it.
  • Find “MIUI optimization” or “MIUI optimization” under the “Developer options” menu.
  • Disable the toggle switch next to “MIUI optimization” to turn it off. You may also encounter an option called “Turn on MIUI optimization,” which you should make sure is turned off.
  • After disabling the option, restart your device for the changes to take effect.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Reduced Performance While some users may expect improved performance by disabling MIUI optimization, the actual outcome may vary. MIUI optimizations are designed to enhance overall system stability and responsiveness. Therefore, disabling them might lead to a slight performance decrease in certain scenarios.
  • Compatibility Issues Disabling MIUI optimization can cause compatibility issues with certain apps or features, as these optimizations are part of Xiaomi’s custom ROM, and some apps may rely on them to function optimally.
  • Warranty and Safety Concerns Altering system settings and disabling built-in optimizations may void your device’s warranty. Additionally, if not done correctly, it could lead to instability, crashes, or data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it OK to turn off MIUI Optimisation?

No, you shouldn’t turn off MIUI optimization unless it’s killing every app in the background. MIUI optimization basically kills apps running in background and sometimes disables auto start on some apps. My phone cannot turn on. It’s a Xiaomi MIUI and it can’t turn on, charge, or even connect to a PC.

Can I remove MIUI from my Xiaomi phone?

You can’t remove it. Actually MIUI is a stock rom of mi devices and stock rom are locked by bootloader which can only be removed by unlocking bootloader and flashing custom recovery followed by custom rom.


Disabling MIUI optimization on your Xiaomi device is a personal choice that comes with its advantages and potential drawbacks. While it can offer a more stock Android-like experience and increased control over system settings, it might not necessarily result in a significant performance boost for all users. Before making any changes, consider your specific needs and preferences, and be aware of the potential risks involved.

If you decide to proceed, ensure you understand the process and its implications thoroughly. As with any modifications to system settings, proceed with caution, and remember to back up your important data before making any changes to your device’s configuration.

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