Evolving Dunsparce – Unlocking The Mystery of Serene Grace

how to evolve dunsparce


Dunsparce, a serpentine Pokémon with a unique and enigmatic design, has been a source of curiosity and fascination among Pokémon trainers for generations. Despite its unassuming appearance, many trainers are eager to discover the secrets behind this Normal/Flying-type Pokémon’s evolution. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Dunsparce does not have an official evolution in the Pokémon games. However, let’s delve into the possibilities and theories surrounding how Dunsparce might evolve.

Understanding Dunsparce

Before we discuss potential evolutions for Dunsparce, it’s important to understand this Pokémon’s characteristics. Dunsparce is known for its serpentine body, tiny wings, and a drill-like tail. It also has a unique ability called Serene Grace, which increases the likelihood of its moves causing additional effects. These attributes have led to various theories and fan-created concepts for Dunsparce’s evolution.

Theories and Possibilities

Regional Evolution

One theory suggests that Dunsparce could evolve through a regional variant. The Pokémon world is known for introducing regional variations of existing species, which adapt to the specific environment and conditions of a particular region. By this logic, a variant of Dunsparce could evolve in a region where its unique abilities are further enhanced or altered to adapt to new challenges.

Split Evolution

Another theory proposes a split evolution for Dunsparce, similar to the Eevee evolutions. This would mean that Dunsparce could have multiple evolution options, each triggered by different in-game conditions. For example, one evolution path might focus on enhancing its Serene Grace ability, while another could emphasize its flying capabilities or drill-like tail.

Evolutionary Item or Location

Many Pokémon require specific items or locations to evolve, and Dunsparce could follow suit. Perhaps Dunsparce could evolve when leveled up in a particular location, like a deep cave or a specific region in a game, or by using a special item like a “Drill Stone” or “Serene Feather.”

Friendship-Based Evolution

Friendship-based evolutions are common in the Pokémon world, and they typically occur when a Pokémon develops a strong bond with its trainer. Dunsparce could evolve through friendship, perhaps by maxing out its friendship level, signifying a deep connection with its trainer.

Unique In-Game Quest

Game developers could introduce a unique in-game quest to unlock Dunsparce’s evolution. This quest might involve solving puzzles or completing specific tasks related to Dunsparce’s characteristics, like finding rare items or interacting with other Pokémon in a particular way.

Storyline Evolution

Dunsparce could also be part of a game’s storyline, where it undergoes a transformation as a result of an event or plot development. This could add depth to the Pokémon’s lore and provide a satisfying narrative element to its evolution.

Fan-Created Evolutions

The mystery of Dunsparce has captured the imagination of many Pokémon fans, leading to numerous fan-created concepts for its evolution. These creative ideas range from majestic winged serpents to powerful underground drillers. While these evolutions remain unofficial, they highlight the potential for Dunsparce’s future development.

Why Evolve Dunsparce?

The question of why Dunsparce should evolve is important. Evolution in the Pokémon world represents growth and adaptation to new challenges. A Dunsparce evolution could transform this often-dismissed Pokémon into a more formidable and versatile battler. It could also provide more opportunities for trainers to use Dunsparce in competitive play, thereby expanding its popularity and role within the Pokémon community.


What level does Dunsparce evolve at?

How to Evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Dunsparce can evolve into Dunsparce by leveling up while knowing the move Hyper Drill. Dunsparce learns the move at level 32. Dunsparce’s evolution works similarly to Tsareena, rather than Annihilate.

Why can’t Dunsparce evolve?

Dunsparce only evolves after leveling up while knowing Hyper Drill. They naturally learn this move at level 32, and even if you catch a higher-level Dunsparce–in South Province Area Six, for example–they should still know the move. If you need to re-teach Hyper Drill, though, here’s how to do it.


The question of how Dunsparce could evolve remains a tantalizing mystery in the world of Pokémon. While as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Dunsparce did not have an official evolution, there are numerous possibilities and theories to explore. Whether it’s through regional variants, split evolutions, unique items or locations, friendship, in-game quests, or story-driven evolution, Dunsparce’s evolution could be a game-changing addition to the Pokémon world.

As Pokémon continues to evolve and expand, the potential for Dunsparce to receive an evolution remains a topic of anticipation and discussion among fans. Until the official announcement of Dunsparce’s evolution, trainers and enthusiasts will continue to speculate and imagine what exciting new forms and abilities this enigmatic Pokémon may one day possess.

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