Crafting Kibble in ARK – Survival Evolved – A Comprehensive Guide

how to make kibble ark


In the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, taming and nurturing your prehistoric companions is an essential part of the gameplay. One of the most effective ways to tame creatures is by using kibble, a specialized food that provides your dino friends with their favorite snacks. This guide will walk you through the process of making kibble in ARK and help you understand the different recipes for various creatures. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to create the perfect treats to tame and maintain your prehistoric companions.

Understanding Kibble

Kibble is a high-quality food source for the dinosaurs and other creatures you aim to tame. It provides a substantial amount of taming effectiveness and can greatly expedite the taming process. Unlike regular foods like berries and meat, kibble has a preferred food type for each creature in the game. Using the correct kibble will increase the taming efficiency and reduce the overall time required to tame a creature.

To create kibble, you need to gather ingredients and use a cooking pot or industrial cooker. The recipe for each kibble type varies depending on the creature you want to tame. These recipes include a specific dinosaur egg, cooked meat, fiber, water, and sometimes other ingredients like crops or jerky.

The Kibble Tree

To make kibble in ARK, you need to follow a specific tree of kibble types. The game’s developers have organized the kibble recipes into a hierarchy based on creature size and rarity. The kibble tree consists of different categories, each corresponding to a particular type of creature. Let’s explore these categories and the basic ingredients required

Basic Kibble

  • Preferred by: Dodo, Pteranodon, Ichthyosaurus, Mesopithecus, and Phiomia.
  • Ingredients: Dodo Egg, Cooked Meat, Amarberry, Mejoberry, Tintoberry, Fiber, and Water.

Simple Kibble

  • Preferred by – Ankylosaurus, Carbonemys, Diplodocus, Dung Beetle, Gallimimus, and Sarco.
  • Ingredients – Pachyrhinosaurus Egg, Cooked Meat Jerky, Longrass, Savoroot, Fiber, and Water.

Regular Kibble

  • Preferred by – Archaeopteryx, Argentavis, Castoroides, Ichthyornis, Iguanodon, Megalosaurus, Microraptor, Morellatops, Pachy, Pelagornis, and Woolly Rhino.
  • Ingredients – Argentavis Egg, Cooked Prime Meat Jerky, Citronal, Longrass, Fiber, and Water.

Superior Kibble

  • Preferred by: Allosaurus, Araneo, Mantis, Megalania, and Onyc.
  •   Ingredients: Araneo Egg, Cooked Prime Fish Meat Jerky, Savoroot, Longrass, Fiber, and Water.

Exceptional Kibble

  • Preferred by: Archaeopteryx, Basilosaurus, Brontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Quetzal, and Therizinosaurus.
  • Ingredients: Brontosaurus Egg, Cooked Prime Meat Jerky, Rockarrot, Longrass, Fiber, and Water.

Extraordinary Kibble

  • Preferred by: Griffin, Megalosaurus, Rock Elemental, Thylacoleo, and Yutyrannus.
  • Ingredients: Megalosaurus Egg, Cooked Prime Meat Jerky, Longrass, Fiber, Sweet Vegetable Cake, and Water.

Creating Kibble

To create kibble, follow these steps

1. Collect the required dinosaur eggs: You can find the necessary eggs by searching nests or by taming the respective creatures. Make sure to protect yourself from hostile creatures while collecting eggs.

2. Gather the other ingredients: Cooked meat or jerky, various types of crops, fiber, and water can be obtained by hunting, farming, and harvesting resources.

3. Use a cooking pot or industrial cooker: Place the cooking pot or industrial cooker in your base, and add water to it. Then, add the ingredients according to the specific kibble recipe you’re making.

4. Cook the kibble: Light the fire beneath the cooking pot or turn on the industrial cooker. Wait for the ingredients to cook, and you’ll have kibble once it’s done.


How do you make Dino food in Ark?

Most creatures have a preferred type of kibble that you can feed them to increase their taming effectiveness. Kibble is made when you put different types of animal eggs inside cooking pots or industrial cookers with advanced crops, mejoberries, some fibre, and a waterskin that’s 25% full.

Does kibble work on all dinos?

Although all Kibble types will technically work to tame all creatures, certain kibbles will work better for certain creatures. Using the wrong kibble will take longer in the best case, but can also be only 2/3 as effective as using the creature’s regular food and will instead decrease the taming effectiveness.


Mastering the art of making kibble in ARK: Survival Evolved is crucial for taming and nurturing your prehistoric companions. Understanding the kibble tree and having access to various types of kibble recipes is key to efficiently taming creatures of different sizes and rarity. By following the correct recipe for your target creature, you can expedite the taming process and ensure that your dinos remain healthy and happy. So, get your cooking pot or industrial cooker ready, gather the necessary ingredients, and start crafting kibble to build a formidable prehistoric army in the world of ARK.

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