Mastering The Art of Sliding in Fortnite – A Comprehensive Guide

how to slide in fortnite


Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, is known for its fast-paced gameplay and unique building mechanics. One of the key movement techniques that can give players an edge in the game is sliding. Sliding not only adds an element of style to your gameplay but also provides tactical advantages. In this article, we will explore how to slide effectively in Fortnite, covering the basics, advanced techniques, and when to use them.

The Basics of Sliding

Sliding in Fortnite is a relatively straightforward mechanic, but it can greatly improve your gameplay. Here are the basic steps to execute a slide

1. Crouch: To initiate a slide, you must first crouch. On most platforms, the default crouch button is ‘C’ on the keyboard, ‘Circle’ on PlayStation, ‘B’ on Xbox, or the corresponding button on your chosen platform.

2. Sprint: While crouched, start sprinting by holding down the sprint button (‘Shift’ on the keyboard, the left thumbstick on consoles).

3. Slide: Now, while sprinting and crouching, press the jump button (‘Space’ on the keyboard, ‘X’ on PlayStation, ‘A’ on Xbox, or the corresponding button on your platform). Your character will perform a quick slide.

It’s essential to practice this basic slide movement to become comfortable with the controls. Start by incorporating it into your regular gameplay, as it can be used both offensively and defensively.

Advanced Techniques

Combining Slides and Builds

Sliding can be used effectively in combination with building structures. When you slide, you maintain your momentum, allowing you to quickly build structures while on the move. This can be particularly useful when trying to escape or close the gap between you and an opponent. For example, while sliding, you can build ramps, walls, or even a combination of structures to gain the high ground.

Peeking and Shooting

Another advanced technique involving sliding is using it to peek and shoot. By sliding out from behind cover and taking shots at your opponent, you expose yourself for a shorter period, making it harder for them to hit you. After taking your shots, you can quickly slide back into cover to minimize the risk of getting hit. This technique can be a game-changer in close-quarters combat situations.

Tactical Slides

To enhance your movement and positioning, you can incorporate tactical slides into your gameplay. Tactical slides involve using the slide to quickly reposition or evade your opponents. For instance, if you’re in an intense gunfight and want to confuse your opponent, execute a slide in a different direction than expected to throw off their aim.

Sliding for Fast Looting

Sliding is not limited to combat scenarios; it can also be helpful for looting efficiently. When you’re looting a building or an area, sliding allows you to quickly move from one item to the next without having to stand up and slow down. This can give you a speed advantage in the early game, allowing you to secure loot before other players.

When to Slide

Understanding when to slide in Fortnite is crucial. Overusing the mechanic can lead to predictable movements, making you an easy target. Here are some scenarios in which sliding can be particularly effective

1. Shotgun Battles: In close-range shotgun battles, sliding can make you a harder target to hit, especially if you use it in combination with building structures for cover. You can use slides to close the gap quickly and take shots before your opponent has a chance to react.

2. Moving between Cover: Sliding is excellent for getting from one piece of cover to another while minimizing your exposure. If you need to cross an open area or rotate during the late game, consider sliding to stay low and avoid enemy fire.

3. Aggressive Plays: When pushing an opponent, sliding can provide the element of surprise. Slide out from behind cover and take shots at your enemy before they can react, and then slide back into cover for safety.

4. Looting and Item Retrieval: As mentioned earlier, sliding can speed up the looting process, allowing you to gather items quickly and get back into the action.

5. Evasive Maneuvers: When you’re being targeted by multiple enemies or need to evade incoming fire, using slides can make you a harder target to hit, and you can quickly reposition.


How do I slide better in fortnite?

If you’re going slow then you’re just going to crouch down. The best way to slide is to use it on a hill. As you head down an incline or a hill you’ll gain loads of momentum and slide at a decent pace. Once you have a decent amount of time spent in Fortnite you’ll probably get it down.

Is a slide kick in fortnite?

Fortunately, slide kicking in Fortnite is easy to do, as players will now automatically kick if they make contact with an object while sliding. If a player makes contact with an opponent while sliding, they will automatically kick the player on contact, dealing damage.


Mastering the art of sliding in Fortnite is not just about looking stylish but also about gaining a tactical advantage over your opponents. The basics are easy to learn, and with practice, you can incorporate more advanced techniques into your gameplay. Knowing when to slide is just as crucial as knowing how to slide, so be sure to use this mechanic strategically.

Remember that like any skill in Fortnite, sliding requires practice to become proficient. Spend time in-game practicing your slides, building on the techniques discussed in this article, and incorporating them into your overall gameplay strategy. By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more formidable Fortnite player, sliding your way to victory and staying one step ahead of your competition.

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