Unearthing The Secrets – How to Get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing

how to get iron nuggets in animal crossing


Animal Crossing, a beloved and tranquil life simulation game, offers players a world full of creativity and endless possibilities. Whether you’re building a dream home, crafting intricate furniture, or constructing bridges and inclines, you’ll often find yourself in need of a crucial resource: iron nuggets. These shiny, metallic treasures are essential for various crafting recipes and developments on your virtual island. In this article, we will delve into the world of iron nuggets, revealing where to find them, how to efficiently harvest them, and some useful tips to enhance your experience in the game.

Rock Solid Basics 

Iron nuggets can be found by mining rocks on your island, and they serve as the backbone for many in-game creations. These rocks are a renewable resource, and each day, one of the rocks on your island will provide you with a set of materials, which can include iron nuggets, clay, stone, and more. However, obtaining iron nuggets isn’t as simple as whacking rocks with a shovel. Here are the essential steps to follow:

Digging for Treasure 

a. Preparation is key: Before you start mining rocks, make sure you’re adequately prepared. Equip a strong shovel, like the Flimsy Shovel or the more durable Shovel. Ensure that you have enough inventory space to collect the items that pop out of the rock.

b. Identify the “money rock”: The rocks on your island are randomly assigned each day, but one of them will be your “money rock.” This rock will yield up to 8 items when hit, making it the ideal candidate for harvesting iron nuggets.

c. Create an open space: Stand several squares away from the rock, leaving a gap behind you. This allows you to hit the rock repeatedly without being knocked back. To maintain your position, dig two holes behind you, which will serve as barriers to prevent you from moving.

The Perfect Strike 

a. Rapidly tap the A button: To maximise the number of items you obtain from the rock, rapidly tap the A button on your controller. This ensures that you hit the rock multiple times before it stops producing items.

b. Watch for the eight-item limit: Keep in mind that there’s a limit of eight items per rock, so be quick and efficient. As soon as the eighth item is produced, the rock will break, ending your harvest for the day.

Shake Those Trees 

Another way to acquire iron nuggets is by shaking the trees on your island. When you shake a tree, you have a chance of dislodging various items, including wasp nests, furniture, and crafting materials. Iron nuggets may occasionally fall from the trees, so be sure to shake them daily to increase your chances of finding this valuable resource.

Recycle and Trade 

Additionally, you can obtain iron nuggets by recycling cans and tires you find scattered around your island. These discarded items can be used at the recycling bin located in the Resident Services area. By recycling these items, you’ll not only contribute to a cleaner island but also receive iron nuggets in return. Furthermore, visiting other players’ islands through online play can be an excellent opportunity to trade resources, including iron nuggets, to expedite your collection.

Mystery Islands

Mystery Islands, accessible by using Nook Miles Tickets, are another way to gather iron nuggets. These islands are filled with rocks, providing an opportunity to obtain more resources, including iron nuggets. Take a strong shovel with you, and be sure to use the methods mentioned earlier for mining rocks efficiently.


Can I buy Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing?

There are many ways to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, aside from buying them, getting them from villagers, or getting them from balloons you shoot out of the sky, there is one surefire way to farm them. This would be by hitting rocks with a shovel or axe.

How to get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing when there are no more rocks?

If you’ve hit all the rocks in your town and still don’t have enough Iron Nuggets for your craft, then your best bet is to buy a Nook Miles Ticket for 2,000 Nook Miles and set off to one of the randomised islands. There will be plenty of rocks to farm there.


In the enchanting world of Animal Crossing, iron nuggets are an indispensable resource for crafting, building, and developing your island. By following these methods and tips, you can efficiently gather iron nuggets, ensuring you always have an ample supply to bring your creative visions to life in this delightful virtual realm. So grab your tools, start mining, and let your imagination run wild!

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